10 Bollywood Actors Caught With Love Bites

10 Bollywood Actors Caught With Love Bites
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10 Bollywood Actors Caught With Love Bites

10 Bollywood Actors Caught With Love Bites

Mumbai. It is said that nothing hides from cameras! Some such photos of Bollywood celebs come to the fore many times, in which unwanted things are seen. We are telling you about some such photos, in which the alleged love bites of celebs were seen.

Kareena Kapoor Khan


Some photos of Kareena Kapoor Khan went viral on social media. In this, the actress was wearing a backless dress. Fans saw marks like love bites on the back of the actress. According to reports, Kareena was dating Saif in those days. A similar mark was shown on Saif’s body on the same day.

Saif Ali Khan


The day Kareena Kapoor was spotted with those marks, Saif Ali also appeared with the same mark. A picture of him surfaced from backstage, in which he was probably changing the dress. Today Saif and Kareena are one happy couple.

Katrina Kaif


This photo of actress Katrina Kaif has also been very viral. By the way, Katrina is very conscious about her personal life and does not discuss about it. In this photo, the love bite mark on his neck is telling a different story.

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Malaika Arora


A similar picture of actress Malaika Arora was also revealed, in which the mark like Love Bite was clearly visible.

Priyanka Chopra


A photo of Priyanka Chopra was seen a lot and became the subject of discussion. In this, a similar mark was seen near the neck of the actress.

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Kangana Ranaut


Actress Kangana Ranaut was also seen with a similar love bite mark.

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Salman Khan


A photo of Salman Khan, who described himself as a virgin on the show ‘Koffee With Karan’, also went viral in which a mark like a love bite was seen. Although Salman never discussed about his love life.

Shahrukh Khan


Once upon a time, Shahrukh Khan was also caught on camera with a love bite mark on his neck. This picture is from when they were once spotted at the Mumbai airport.

Sara Ali Khan


The discussion started on social media after seeing a mark like love bite seen under Sara Ali Khan’s neck. People started making all kinds of speculations.

Ali Fazal


Actor Ali Fazal is also included in this list. A photo of him also went viral, in which the alleged love bite was clearly visible. Currently, he is in a relationship with Richa Chadha.

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