10 Unknown Facts About Jean-Marc Vallée’s Ex-wife

10 Unknown Facts About Jean-Marc Vallée’s Ex-wife

Jean-Marc Vallée died at the age of 58 on December 25, 2021, however, the cause of his death was not revealed until recently and the news of his death shone a light on his ex-wife, Chantal Cadieux.

Cadieux was married to Jean-Marc for more than a decade however, she is more than just the wife of the filmmaker. The ex-wife is also into entertainment as she is a Canadian writer.

She has had a lot of stints in scriptwriting and theatre works and is involved in theatre and film as well as books. One of her masterpieces is titled Samedi trouble.

Here are 10 Facts about Jean-Marc Vallée’s Ex-wife, Chantal Cadieux

1. She Read Playwright In School

Chantal Cadieux was born on the 15th of June 1967 in Richmond, Quebec, Canada. She is well-read and had an interest in the arts which prompted her to enroll in the National Theatre School of Canada.

After her schooling, the writer graduated with a diploma in playwriting. This guaranteed her a couple of jobs as well as world-class recognition for her works.

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2. Cadieux Contributed to the Theatre Show ‘38’

The 54 year old was part of a group of fresh, young actors who contributed to the making of a renowned theatre piece. The piece known as ‘38’ was off the works of the greatest writer of the English Language, Shakespeare. Show ‘38’ was held at the Theatre d’Aujourd’hui located in Montreal, Quebec.

3. She is Known for Writing in the French Language

Cadieux is known for being a French writer. Her pieces and works are primarily written in the French Language. Oftentimes, for the remaking of her works in English, it is translated from the Canadian’s primary language.

4. Some of Chantal Cadieux’s Works, Nominations, and Awards

The aforementioned show ‘38’ was one of the writer’s first works after graduating with her diploma degree. However, she has credited to her name, the following;

In Theatre: Aimes a vie, On Court toujours apres l’amour, and Urgent besoin d’intimite.

Her Novels: Longueur d’ondes, Samedi trouble, Eclipses et jeans.

Chantal’s films: Elles etaient cinq, le Collectionneur

Chantal received the Prix Communication-Jeunesse for her Longueur d’ondes novel. Similarly, she also won Prix Yves-Sauvageau twice for her written plays titled Parfums diver (1990) and Urgent besoin s’intimite (1991).

The ex-wife of the film editor also received several Prix Gemeaux nominations for writing the script for the TV series Providence.

5. Her Marriage and Divorce to Vallée

Chantal and her ex-husband Jean-Marc did not quite reveal details of how they met and got married. However, given that they hail from the same place; Quebec, and they are both professionals in the same field, it is possible that their paths crossed a couple of times in the industry.

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The ex-couple got married in 1990 and remained married for about a decade and a half before getting divorced. Just like their marriage, the divorce was also low-key as the reason behind it wasn’t revealed. The proceeding was however finalized in 2006 and they both went their separate ways.

6. She Shares Two Kids with the Late Filmmaker

Jean-Marc and his sons. (Image Source)

Jean-Marc and his ex-wife’s 16 years of marriage saw the birth of two kids. Their sons named Alex and Emile Vallée were born in Quebec in the years 1993 and 1997 respectively.

7. Her Children are also in the Movie Industry

Like their parents, Alex and Emile are both into the movie industry. The older son has been part of a couple of movies such as the 2019 short film Ainsi Soit-Elle as well as the TV series titled Memoires Vives.

Emile took a different role in the entertainment industry as he is more of an editor. He was part of his dad’s Big Little Lies movie as an editor. However, when he was much younger, he had acting runs but as an adult, has chosen to be behind the scenes instead.

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8. Chantal Cadieux Reportedly Remarried

According to the Canadian-born author’s IMDB page, she remarried sometime in 2017. The name of the purported husband is Danys Hamel whose IMDB page only has that he is an actor known for the movie L’imposteur.

However, upon more research, it is revealed that Hamel is a magician who even has his own website and can be hired for whatever related purposes.

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9. She is the President of her Writers Union

The mother of two has been linked with the Quebec Writers and Writers since the year 1991. As a dedicated member, she got the privilege to serve as the President of the Union in 2020.

However, it is not just the fact that she is a dedicated member of the union that got her here. The fact that she has contributed immensely to the writers association through her works in novels, film, and theatre contributed.

10. Chantal Cadieux’s Ex-husband’s Cause of Death, Revealed

Chantal and her husband Jean Marc
Chantal and her late husband, Jean-Marc. (Image Source)

Cadieux and Jean-Marc had been divorced 14 years before his death however, it was still a tragedy to lose the father of her kids. The screenwriter, Vallée died on Christmas day in 2021 and the cause of his death was not revealed immediately.

A preliminary examination of the body last year was not able to determine the cause. Attacks, diseases, voluntary acts, and external forces were ruled out as the possible cause, nonetheless.

However in April of 2022, after a proper autopsy had been carried out on the corpse, it was revealed that he died of natural causes. The family of the deceased which is primarily made up of Chantal and her kids gave the statement on Wednesday the 13th day of April 2022.

The final examination to determine the cause of death stated that the filmmaker had died of fatal cardiac arrhythmia. This condition is said to be secondary to a severe case of coronary atherosclerosis.

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