12 Shocking Facts About Her

12 Shocking Facts About Her

Gloria Carter is the mother of a popular American rapper and the first rap artist to become a billionaire, Jay Z. She has been a huge source of inspiration to her children, especially the famous hip-hop star.

Gloria Carter first made headline news when her son took her and her family out of the life they were used to in the late 1990s. However, in recent times, she has been in the news more times than other celebrity parents.

Not only is she a celebrity mum but she has used her influence to impact the lives of people, the world over. She is a philanthropist and a recognized one at that, who sees through, the activities of The Shawn Carter Foundation.

Here Are Details about Gloria Carter that would Blow your Minds

1. She Was Born in New York and Raised her Kids there

Gloria Carter grew up in New York and even graduated from the Columbia University Teachers College in 2002. However, she and her kids lived in Brooklyn for the better part of their lives. They lived in a public housing complex known as Marcy Projects and fought to make ends meet.

2. Gloria Carter Worked Several Jobs to Fend for her kids.

In New York, Gloria worked as a Clerk for the New York City comptroller. However, she rose through the ranks through hard work and determination, to become an Investment analyst.

Despite working hard, her earnings were not as great as expected and so she had to take up more jobs. It was revealed that Carter sometimes took up jobs as a security guard in order to earn more and provide for her family.

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Jay Z, her son, in an interview, disclosed that for some months they had to go without some basic amenities. They may compromise on either light, phone, or gas so as to have the most important at the time.

3. She was married, got Separated, and became a Single Mother of 4

Gloria Carter was married to a man who used to go by the name Adnes Reeves. They got married in the late 1900s and had 4 kids together named Andrea, Eric, Michelle, and Shawn.

Michelle and Andrea are girls turned women while Eric and Shawn are the males with Shawn ‘Jay Z’ being the last of the children.

However, 11 years after the birth of Shawn, Adnes left his family. Gloria became a single mother and had to provide almost everything for her kids. She took charge of their protection and the provision of their needs without the help of their father.

This was the beginning of a period both Shawn and his mother referred to as ‘tough’. Nonetheless, they were able to pull through, and now, they live in and enjoy the wealth of her celebrity son.

4. Carter Knew her Son was Dealing Drugs but Overlooked it

Gloria Carter and Jay Z
Gloria and her son Shawn ‘Jay-Z’ Carter. (Image Source)

While growing up in the Brooklyn neighborhood, it was very likely that kids would be exposed to street life. This was the case of Jay Z who despite not using, was a drug dealer.

He also admitted that while he dealt drugs, his mother knew but said nothing about it. Carter probably needed the extra help with funds around the house hence her silence.

5. She Never Wanted to Retire

When Shawn Carter became famous and rich due to the successes of his 1996 and 1997 songs, he and his siblings tried to get Gloria to retire from working. At the time, she had raised all her kids to the point where they were independent and successful on their own.

The mother of 4 did not want to retire but upon her children’s insistence, she obliged. However, after a year of doing nothing, Carter got bored and returned to work and has since remained busy.

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6. Carter Co-founded a Foundation

With the help of her son, the philanthropist who is keen on helping the less privileged started a foundation. ‘The Shawn Carter Foundation’ which was founded in New York is a collaboration of mother and son.

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Though named after her son, Gloria is the main brain and force behind its running. She has tasked herself with helping people go to college after an encounter with a young man inspired her.

It is as a result of trying to help the underserved alleviate some of their troubles that the foundation was birthed.

7. She Came out as a Lesbian

In June of 2017, Gloria Carter made a revelation that not only shook the world but mostly shook her family. She came out of the closet after years of being married and raising 4 kids. Tired of hiding her sexuality, Jay-Z’s mother declared that she is a lesbian.

While explaining to her son, the hip-hop head broke down in tears imagining how difficult it was for her to have kept such for so long. Gloria stated that she had to hide the truth from her kids and society for so long to protect them from the embarrassment.

Upon her announcement, she stated that she was tired of hiding and no longer feared what society would think about her. She was most bothered about her kids who accepted her decision wholeheartedly.

Jay Z cried because he was happy his mother was finally free. Since 2012, Shawn had been a voice and advocate for gay rights in the United States. He is one of the first celebrities who lent his voice to the cause.

8. The song ‘Smile’ in Jay-Z’s 4:44 Album was Written about her Story

Despite being emotional following his mother’s confession, Jay Z was inspired to tell Gloria’s story. In his 4:44 album, he featured Smile as the third track and it is a song that tells the story of his mother coming out of the closet.

The Brooklyn-born rapper wrote the song and played it to his mother who was initially apprehensive. At the time, she wasn’t sure it was a good idea to put her business out in the public.

However, she flew over to Los Angeles to meet with her son and on the plane, she wrote a verse that was included in the song. She wrote the story herself and lent her voice to the making of the song about her.

Her story and voice can be heard in the outro of the song. Also, her son praised her for the ‘bars’ she wrote for the song.

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9. Gloria Carter’s Ex-husband died in 2003

Gloria Carter and her kids were estranged from her ex-husband for many years. However, when the news of him being ill reached her, she encouraged her kids to pay him visits and be with him during his trying times.

She forgave him for abandoning his family and held no grudge against him. Unfortunately, Adnes died of cancer in 2003.

10. Gloria Carter won a GLAAD Media Award

Gloria Carter GLAAD Award
Gloria gave a speech during her acceptance of the GLAAD Award. (Image Source)

Gloria Carter was given a Special Recognition Award by GLAAD Media in New York City. This award was presented to her during the 29th annual GLAAD Media Awards show.

The award which she gladly accepted was in honor of the song Smile and her decision to openly come out as a lesbian. The GLAAD award was presented to the mother of Jay Z by a well-known gay woman; Robin Roberts.

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11. Gloria Carter is a Grandmother

Not much is known about the lives of her other 3 kids and if they are all married and have families. However, the famous rapper who is married to fellow superstar, Beyonce, has 3 kids.

Jay Z and his wife welcomed their first child Blue Ivy to the world on 12 January 2012 After Blue, came the twins; Sir (son) and Rumi (daughter) who were born on June 13, 2017. With this, Gloria Carter is a grandmother to at least three grandchildren.

12. Gloria Carter’s Scandals and Allegations

Back in 2013, there were speculations and accusations that Gloria was gay. This was fueled by the relationship she shared with Dania Diaz who was openly gay then and had just joined the Shawn Carter Foundation.

However, by this time, Gloria hadn’t revealed her sexuality and so it was all still allegations. Nonetheless, to crown it all up, she and her alleged partner were also accused of siphoning the foundation’s funds.

According to the allegations, the Shawn Carter Foundation had revenues of about $802,000 with assets amounting to about $630,000. However, they only gave out about $100,750 in scholarships and were purportedly diverting the funds to LGBT causes as donations.

These accusations were never addressed by the holding members of the foundation. However, years later, Carter opened up about being gay and this admitted to one part of the allegations.

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