14 rounds

14 rounds
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14 rounds

14 rounds

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Comedy-drama films are considered a guarantee of success in Bollywood. Such films are loved by audiences of all ages. In such a situation, if the college love story is also watched together, the film becomes even more interesting. The story of ‘College Love Story, Family Drama and Comedy’ is similar. The duo appears for the first time in the film.

Story: Sanjay Lal Singh (Vikrant Masse) and Aditi Kadvasara (Kriti Kharbanda), who are studying together in a college in Delhi, fall in love. Both get good jobs but their families are very conservative and racist. When Sanjay and Aditi think of getting married, the trouble is that Sanjay is a Rajput from Bihar and Aditi is a girl from a Jat family in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The couple’s family does not agree to the marriage. Now the two are planning two weddings to marry each other. There are many twists to this plan. That is why the name of the film is ’14 Fere ‘.

Review: The story of the film is very good and it seems that this is the plot of some Priyadarshan film. The movie picks up the track as soon as it starts, but the story gets weaker as the movie progresses. You already know what’s going to happen next. Director Devanshu Singh has tried to show many issues of the society like racism, honor killing and hunda in a single story in the form of social comedy. His effort is good and the plot of the film is also strong. At such points, the audience would love to see a film with a strong script, but the directors are not entirely successful in it. The beginning of the film is good but the end of the film is very loose. The dialogues in the film do not have the punchline that is expected. The dialogues look very weak, which you won’t notice after the movie. In fact, a movie with a good marriage, family and comedy drama, which the whole family loves, is made up of bad scripts.

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Acting: Vikrant Massey is known as a good actor and he has portrayed his character perfectly in this film too. He feels very comfortable in the character of his Bihari son. Action Kharbanda’s on-screen presence is amazing and she looks so beautiful in the movie. However, in terms of acting, she becomes a bit weak in front of Vikrant. Gauhar Khan’s character in the film is small but she has that discount. The rest of the characters are very small and they have fulfilled their roles well.

Why watch: If you love family dramas and wedding movies, you can watch this clean comedy movie with the whole family.


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