2 Win Abel Prize for Work That Bridged Math and Computer Science

2 Win Abel Prize for Work That Bridged Math and Computer Science
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2 Win Abel Prize for Work That Bridged Math and Computer Science

2 Win Abel Prize for Work That Bridged Math and Computer Science

Russell Impagliazzo, a professor of laptop science on the College of California, San Diego, mentioned the LLL algorithm has additionally led to what’s referred to as homomorphic encryption, which permits calculations to be carried out on encrypted information with out ever decrypting it.

Dr. Impagliazzo mentioned homomorphic encryption might help you present encrypted monetary info to a credit score bureau, and the credit score bureau to, in flip, calculate your credit score rating with out ever studying something about you.

The algorithms, he mentioned, have been already “virtually quick sufficient” to be sensible.

Certainly one of Dr. Wigderson’s key advances entails what are referred to as zero-knowledge proofs. It’s usually essential to indicate that you just possess one thing — for cryptocurrency, that you just even have the cash — with out divulging any details about what you realize.

“You must actually consider two events that don’t belief one another,” Dr. Wigderson mentioned.

A fantastic instance is that somebody has a “The place’s Waldo?” puzzle the place the small character Waldo (exterior of North America, Waldo is often referred to as Wally) is hidden inside a fancy drawing and this individual has not discovered Waldo. You, alternatively, have discovered Waldo and are keen to promote the answer. How might you persuade the opposite individual you even have discovered Waldo with out freely giving the reply for free?

What you would do is ask the opposite individual to show round as you place a big piece of cardboard over the picture with a small window reduce that enables Waldo to be seen with out revealing his actual location.

What Dr. Wigderson, working with different mathematicians, confirmed was that any mathematical proof could possibly be solid as a zero-knowledge proof. “It’s superb to me,” he mentioned.

Dr. Lovász was born in Budapest in 1948. As a teen, he gained gold medals on the Worldwide Mathematical Olympiads in 1964, 1965 and 1966. Following the trail of Paul Erdös, maybe essentially the most well-known Hungarian mathematician of the twentieth century, Dr. Lovász centered on the sector of combinatorics, which research patterns in choosing, arranging and counting objects. That space grew to become essential for many issues in laptop science just like the design of laptop networks.

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