3 amazing tricks to write messages without typing

3 amazing tricks to write messages without typing
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3 amazing tricks to write messages without typing

3 amazing tricks to write messages without typing

If you want to chat with your friends on WhatsApp, then know about these 3 tricks. This trick will make your life easier.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app that people use the most. The reason for this is the friendly features of WhatsApp. People keep chatting with their family and friends through this. The company also keeps launching features from time to time according to the users. But many people do not know how to use the working features of WhatsApp properly. Today we are going to tell you about three such features of WhatsApp, which will make your life much easier.

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whatsapp message pop up
This is an amazing feature. This gives pop up notification on WhatsApp. If you want, you can keep it on your phone. With this, any message will come on your WhatsApp, then it will be shown on your phone screen. With this, you will not have to play WhatsApp again and again to see the messages of your friends on your WhatsApp.

text message
Not many people are aware of this feature. With this feature, you can send WhatsApp messages to anyone without typing. To use this feature, two options of mic will be visible while typing the message. You have to speak your message by pressing the keyboard icon. What you say will be typed. In this way, when you are busy with some work, you can type the message by speaking.

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whatsapp shortcut
If you chat more than one of your close friends, you can create shortcuts. With this you can send messages to your friends without opening WhatsApp. An icon will be created on your mobile with the photo of the shortcut you have selected for the chat. After which you can chat with that person.

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