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5 best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile Lite for aggressive gameplay

5 best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile Lite for aggressive gameplay
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5 best gun combinations in PUBG Mobile Lite for aggressive gameplay

PUBG Mobile Lite has a few of principally essentially the most versatile weaponry in the cell battle royale vogue, from pistols to Sniper Rifles. Avid players can carry two important weapons and a secondary weapon (Pistol).

With so many alternate options in weapons, it’s fascinating for avid players to settle the suited weapon mixture. A suitable gun mixture can abet avid players carry out further kills whereas additionally aiding teammates all of the intention via diversified situations.

This text dives into one of many treasured suited important weapon combos for aggressive avid players in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Best gun combos in PUBG Mobile Lite

Present: In PUBG Mobile Lite, avid players want to shoot bullets to knock down enemies continually. Attributable to this reality, this guidelines handiest shares excessive-demolish gun combos.

1) M762 + M416

Beryl M762 (Image via yscpl.net)
Beryl M762 (Picture by intention of yscpl.catch)

M762 is famend for its extreme demolish, and M416 is a suitable decision for prolonged-differ spraying. Whereas the M762 has a heavy recoil, M416 is a methods further trusty. Each these weapons collectively on the entire is a mountainous chance for mid-differ and end-differ combats.

2) M416 + DP28

DP28 (Image via yscpl.net)
DP28 (Picture by intention of yscpl.catch)

M416 and DP28 are the suited combos for avid players who want to design finish in prolonged-differ battles. DP28 feeds on 7.62mm ammunition and offers extreme demolish over extended distances with mountainous steadiness. On the diversified hand, M416 shall be treasured all of the intention via mid and end-differ battles.

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3) M416 + Groza


The Groza is an airdrop weapon with essentially the most sensible demolish in the Assault Rifle class. Groza has extreme recoil, nevertheless with a purple dot spy and a suppressor, it might even be deadly in end-differ battles.

With a 6x or 3x scope linked and suitable attachments (compensator, foregrips, and many others.), M416 can design finish down enemies over extended and mid-differ distances.

4) M249 + SKS

M249 (Image via everydaynews.com)
M249 (Picture by intention of everydaynews.com)

The M249 may even be an air-fall weapon that is famend for its mountainous journal talent. M249 requires 5.56mm ammunition and offers extreme demolish in end-differ.

SKS belongs to the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) class which has an unbelievable differ and extreme demolish. With a 6x or 8x scope linked to the SKS, avid players can with out nervousness design finish down enemies and whisk on them with M249.

5) AKM + Scar


AKM and Scar each belong to the Assault Rifle class in PUBG Mobile Lite’s weaponry. However, the heavy recoil of AKM makes it fascinating for the avid players to exhaust it in mid-differ. Attributable to this reality, AKM will even be extinct for end-differ battle, whereas Scar shall be helpful for spraying mid and extended ranges.

Disclaimer: This text displays the precise individual conception of the creator.

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