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5 Pokemon with the lowest Max CP in Pokemon GO

5 Pokemon with the lowest Max CP in Pokemon GO
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5 Pokemon with the lowest Max CP in Pokemon GO

Pokemon with the lowest max CP in Pokemon GO, whereas not precisely nice, aren’t the worst by any means.

Save for a couple of stray examples, low max CP Pokemon are unevolved and never meant to be used in battles in the first place. And since evolving Pokemon in the sport does not require a Pokemon to battle in any respect, because of this an unevolved Pokemon’s max CP bears little to no impact on it.

No matter how little max CP means for a lot of of those Pokemon, listed below are the 5 lowest max CP creatures in Pokemon GO!

Word: This text is subjective and displays the opinion of the author.

5 Pokemon with lowest Max CP in Pokemon GO

#5 – Shedinja

Shedinja (Image via Niantic)
Shedinja (Picture by way of Niantic)

Shedinja is a really odd Pokemon in basic however is much more so in Pokemon GO.

Not like in the mainline video games, Shedinja doesn’t evolve from Nincada at stage 20 whereas an empty spot in the social gathering and Poke ball are each obtainable. Actually, it does not evolve in any respect. Shedinja has solely been obtainable via particular analysis duties from occasions, making it exceptionally uncommon.

However with all that mentioned, Shedinja is nothing greater than a trophy for a participant’s assortment. It’s assured to have just one stamina, making it go down in a single hit. And its max CP of 445 at stage 50 actually does not make issues higher.

#4 – Happiny

Happiny (Picture by way of Recreation Freak)

Happiny is a Technology IV Pokemon that evolves into Chansey with 25 candies, and in 15km, walked with Happiny as the participant’s buddy Pokemon.

It is a mono-Regular-Sort Pokemon that’s presently solely obtainable via hatching eggs. Throughout all the x-km rotations that Happiny has proven up in thus far, it appears to be mostly included in 2km and 7km egg rotations.

Oh, and its max CP is 419 at stage 50, for what it is price.

#3 – Azurill

Azurill (Image via Niantic)
Azurill (Picture by way of Niantic)

This little Regular and Fairy-type squirt will finally evolve into Marill with the help of 25 candies. And, similar to Happiny, it’s solely discovered via eggs. It has constantly been discovered in 5km eggs however has been recognized to be included ceaselessly in 2km and 7km eggs all through numerous occasions.

And its max CP is a whopping 411 at stage 50!

#2 – Feebas

Feebas (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Feebas (Picture by way of The Pokemon Firm)

Feebas truly manages to share the lowest max CP in Pokemon GO at the second, sitting at a paltry 310 max CP at stage 50. Nonetheless, it falls behind the different lowest of the low for a handful of causes.

First off, the different has a Shadow type, and Feebas doesn’t. Secondly, it’s far much less frequent than its low-CP buddy. And third, okay, there is not truly a 3rd purpose. However there’s not precisely loads separating the two leaders of the checklist, so these few causes are sufficient to place it in second place.

#1 – Magikarp

Magikarp (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Magikarp (Picture by way of The Pokemon Firm)

The flopping menace Magikarp is an absolute terror of the, yeah, no, it is only a fish. Magikarp shares Feebas’s feeble 310 max CP at stage 50. What’s extra, it requires an absurd quantity of candies to evolve in Gyarados: 400 complete candies!

However with Gyarados’ 3k+ max CP and its entry to a Mega Evolution, the wrestle for candies is greater than price it. This little fish turns right into a veritable monster, making it the better of the worst (although, to be truthful, it was solely actually competing with Feebas).

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