75 rupee plan for 28 days

75 rupee plan for 28 days
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75 rupee plan for 28 days

75 rupee plan for 28 days

Jio Prepaid Recharge Plan This Rs 75 plan of Jio is much cheaper than Airtel’s plan because Airtel has made its plans expensive from July 29. The plan that Airtel used to offer for Rs 49 has now become Rs 79.

New Delhi. Jio Prepaid Recharge plan The Rs 75 plan is quite beneficial, which is giving competition to Airtel’s plan. Airtel does not offer unlimited calls, but Reliance Jio has made very convenient plans for its prepaid recharge plan ) from which you will get unlimited calls .1 GB data of the day and much more.

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Jio 75 Recharge Plan
Jio has launched this Rs 75 plan only for Jio Phone. You can take advantage of this recharge for 28 days. In this plan of Rs 75, 200 MB additional data will be given with 0.1 GB data. In total, 3 GB data will be given in the whole month. Apart from this, you can also take advantage of SMS, which will be a total of 50 SMS. The most advantageous thing about this plan is that on getting recharge from this one plan, Buy One Get One offer will also be available i.e. two recharges will be available with one recharge.

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Airtel 79 plan
India’s largest telecom company Bharti Airtel has increased its minimum plan of Rs 49 to Rs 79, which is a setback for Airtel customers. Airtel has implemented this plan from July 29, for which now its customers will have to spend Rs 30 more. In this plan, talk time of Rs 64 and 200 MB data will be available daily. However, this is more than the features available in the Rs 49 plan.

Airtel now wants to reduce the number of its low recharge customers, for which it has also started preparing, just as it is now increasing the plan from Rs 49 to Rs 79, by doing so it is going to do 199. Apart from Jio, other companies do not give incoming calls for free, so people do not want to leave Jio. Jio’s plans are also very cheap, which entices customers, apart from this, the most important thing is that even after the data is over in Jio, you can use 2G data unlimited.

The drawback of this Rs 75 plan of Jio is that it is only for Jio phones whereas all the plans of Airtel and Vodafone Idea are for all phones, which is a great thing but the unlimited facilities that Jio gives are not given by other companies. Gets it. Therefore, this plan of Jio cannot be ignored.

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