99 Songs movie review: AR Rahman film thoughtfully embraces the theatrical musical genre

99 Songs movie review: AR Rahman film thoughtfully embraces the theatrical musical genre
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99 Songs movie review: AR Rahman film thoughtfully embraces the theatrical musical genre

A narrative and manufacturing by composer AR Rahman will, characteristically, be a musical. The narrative of this romantic drama is fused along with not 99 however 14 songs. The story of a struggling musician with a tragic backstory decided to beat a problem as a way to be worthy of the approval of his lover’s rich father is as previous as the hills.

Rahman’s story and Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy’s screenplay (the latter additionally directs) follows the tropes of the genre suffusing a examined narrative with visible spectacle, drama and heartfelt performances by lead actors Ehan Bhat who performs composer-singer Jay and Edilsy Vargas as the mute Sophia.

Jay believes one music can change the world however the unspeaking Sophia’s businessman father disagrees. Sophia is a mute spectator to her life as her father Mr Singhania (Ranjit Barot) units Jay a seemingly insurmountable process – compose 100 songs earlier than I allow you to marry my daughter. Singhania’s angle is commonplace – inventive pursuits are sometimes thought to be inferior and indulgent.

99 Songs movie review AR Rahman film thoughtfully embraces the theatrical musical genre

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Haunted by his personal father’s disregard and dislike of musical pursuits, accompanied by his faculty good friend (Tenzin Dalha), the conflicted Jay embarks on a journey that takes him into musically charged Shillong. A pianist and singer, Jay isn’t any purist. He makes use of expertise to compose and learns from all these round.

As Sophia suffers silently, Jay’s world opens as much as new musical influences, vibrant characters and a glittering jazz scene. Every situation is boosted by Rahman’s rating and songs. There’s a lovely musical piece the place Jay is speaking about his journey into music by way of the sounds and rhythms of India.

Look previous the sometimes overworked lyrics and 99 Songs takes you without warning. Ehan Bhat’s impassioned efficiency, as the misplaced soul looking for solace in his music, enhances Rahman and Krishnamoorthy’s imaginative and prescient. On the flipside, in her personal life story, Sophia is a lady with out company. She’s the delicate lady who finds expression in her artwork, however she’s additionally the sufferer who can’t struggle again.

Rahul Ram, Lisa Ray and Manisha Koirala play characters who nudge alongside Jay’s story. Krishnamoorthy’s sweeping and fantastical visualisation is supported by the cinematography (Tanay Satam and James Cowley) and manufacturing design (Aparna Raina) and Rahman’s songs are sung by Sashwat Singh as Jay’s singing voice.

That is Rahman unfettered by studios and another person’s imaginative and prescient. It’s a collaborative creation that thoughtfully embraces the theatrical musical genre.

99 Songs launched in cinemas as we speak in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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