A Fund for Epstein’s Victims Has Paid Out More Than $121 Million

A Fund for Epstein’s Victims Has Paid Out More Than 1 Million
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A Fund for Epstein’s Victims Has Paid Out More Than 1 Million

A Fund for Epstein’s Victims Has Paid Out More Than $121 Million

The fund created by Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to compensate victims of sexual assault by the financier finished its work by paying just over $ 121 million to more than 135 people – far more than expected, according to the administrator of the funds.

Jordana Feldman, the administrator of the fund, said she is committed to getting money to eligible victims as quickly as possible, as many of them have been waiting for years. She noted that the fund began its work in earnest last August and wanted to approve the final awards before Tuesday – the second anniversary of Mr. Epstein’s death in federal custody following an apparent suicide.

“I really wanted this process to happen quickly and in a meaningful and focused way,” Ms. Feldman said. “I really believe these programs are as much about validation as they are about compensation.”

When Mr Epstein died in a Manhattan jail cell a month after his July 2019 arrest by federal authorities, he left behind a vast estate valued at around $ 600 million. But because he had put so much of his fortune in a trust, there were concerns that it would take years for his victims to recover the money from his estate.

The executors of the estate decided to create a restitution fund to allow accusers to seek compensation, including those who had made earlier deals with Mr Epstein after his conviction in 2008 for soliciting prostitution of a girl minor. As part of the ten-year-old plea deal, Mr Epstein avoided more serious federal charges, but was required to register as a sex offender.

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In July 2019, Mr. Epstein, after years of trying to rehabilitate his image, was arrested and charged by federal prosecutors in Manhattan with the more serious offense of sex trafficking in teenage girls. Ms Feldman said the fund was expected to receive claims from around 100 people. But in the end, around 225 people came forward to seek restitution.

Not all people who submitted an application were deemed eligible. Ms Feldman and her team turned down around 75 applications, although she declined to say what made them ineligible. She also said a few people decided not to accept the awards, allowing them instead to sue the estate.

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