A wholesome moment between GH and his father after Team Nigma vs OG leaves the Dota 2 community in awe

A wholesome moment between GH and his father after Team Nigma vs OG leaves the Dota 2 community in awe

Maroun “GH” Merhej found himself being congratulated by his proud father after securing the first recreation in opposition to OG’s Dota 2 roster for the second DPC season.

The second turn out to be captured on the participant’s face cam for lots of of followers to gaze and it’s get to direct that each one people in the crew has been left in dread. GH pulled off a spectacular efficiency in Group Nigma’s first recreation of the sequence in opposition to OG.

Having drafted one in all his signature heroes, GH’s Clockwerk turn out to be infected about 28 of the 47 kills that Group Nigma picked up and managed to realize the recreation of Dota 2 in the thirty sixth minute with a dominating scoreline of 47-22.

After a efficiency esteem that in one in all the largest matches of the season, the response from GH’s father turn out to be utterly justified.

The crew turn out to be like a flash to react to the whole self-discipline as a result of the Twitch chat began applauding the healthful second between GH and his father.

Gh’s dad overjoyed by his son’s efficiency in opposition to OG’s Dota 2 roster

With The World (TI) 10 drawing shut shortly, the whole excessive tier Dota 2 teams are centered on incomes ample DPC sides to qualify for the $40 million championship. On the different hand, a variety of heavyweight teams esteem OG and Group Nigma dangle found themselves in difficult spots.

This has further resulted in these teams being compelled to rob each recreation of aggressive Dota 2 to assemble apparent they qualify for TI 10. GH’s father’s response to his son’s efficiency after the victory in opposition to OG is merely a sign of how mandatory each recreation of aggressive Dota 2 is for the time being.


Even when GH recognized that his digicam turn out to be turned on and that each one people could possibly presumably search his actions, his father did not seem to care as he continued congratulating the participant on Group Nigma’s victory in opposition to OG. On the different hand, the crew reacted to the subject with a bunch of hilarious as well as healthful suggestions.

Listed below are a couple of suggestions from the Dota 2 crew on GH’s father’s response.

Suggestions on GH’s father’s response (Picture by Dota 2 Subreddit)
The Dota 2 community applauds GH
The Dota 2 crew applauds GH’s father (Picture by Dota 2 Subreddit)

From speaking about how healthful the subject turn out to be, to applauding GH’s father for being a supportive guardian, the whole Dota 2 crew turn out to be in dread of the subject