Aamir Khan Near Death Experience During A Train Stunt Scene

Aamir Khan Near Death Experience During A Train Stunt Scene
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Aamir Khan Near Death Experience During A Train Stunt Scene

Aamir Khan Near Death Experience During A Train Stunt Scene

Mumbai. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and actress Rani Mukerji starrer film ‘Ghulam’ recently completed 23 years of release. Released in the year 1998, this film made the youth crazy about itself. One of its songs ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ became very popular. Aamir could have lost his life during the shooting of a scene in this successful film of Aamir-Rani. Let us know what happened during the shooting of this scene-

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Aamir Khan reached close to the train while running
Actually, Aamir Khan had to do a stunt scene on the railway track in the movie ‘Ghulam’. For this, the shooting was done at Sanpada railway station with permission from the Indian Railways. In the scene, Aamir had to run with a flag in front of the train and jump off the track before the train came near. With the intention of bringing this scene to life, Aamir ran very close to the train. There was only a small gap between Aamir and death, but fortunately the actor survived. VFX was not prevalent in Bollywood at that time, otherwise they would not have needed to take such a big risk for this scene and this scene would have been easily done in the studio.

Aamir, who did not bathe for 12 days for the scene, is one of the many interesting stories related to the film ‘Ghulam’, its climax scene. In this scene, there was to be a tremendous fight between Aamir Khan and villain turned actor Sharat Saxena. In this scene, Aamir had beaten Sharat. In doing so, he was completely bled. It is said that Aamir did not take bath for 12 days due to bringing himself perfect in this scene. Aamir Khan is famous for bringing a change in himself for his role.

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Queen’s voice was dubbed
Actress Rani Mukerji’s own voice was not used in the film ‘Ghulam’. His voice was given by dubbing artist Mona Shetty. In an interview, Rani had said that she was told that she did not have that much power in her voice, so it would have to be dubbed. Aamir gave the example of Sridevi to assure that her voice too had to be dubbed several times. After this, when Karan Johar used Rani’s voice in the film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, Aamir called and apologized to Rani. According to Rani, Aamir had said that he made a mistake by getting the voice dubbed.

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