Activists topple statue of 1st Canadian PM

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Activists topple statue of 1st Canadian PM

Video captured the second the statue’s head flew off and bounced on the pavement close by, the BBC reported.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault condemned the incident as “unacceptable”.

“Destroying elements of our historical past isn’t the answer,” he mentioned in a tweet on Saturday.

“We should battle racism, however destroying elements of our historical past isn’t the answer. Vandalism has no place in our democracy and the statue have to be restored,” the premier added.

Earlier on Saturday, a peaceable demonstration calling for defunding the police befell in central Montreal.

A leaflet distributed on the protest described MacDonald as “a white supremacist who orchestrated the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential faculties system”, in keeping with Canadian broadcaster CBC.

MacDonald was Prime Minister for 19 years within the 1860s-Nineties and is remembered for his nation-building insurance policies however he additionally created the residential faculties system, mentioned the BBC report.

For greater than a century, the system forcibly eliminated at the very least 150,000 indigenous kids from their houses and despatched them to state-funded boarding faculties.

Many kids had been abused and a few died, they usually had been had been forbidden from talking their very own language or practising their tradition.

A authorities report in 2015 referred to as the apply “cultural genocide”.

He was additionally accused of permitting famine and illness to kill many indigenous individuals and his authorities pressured some First Nation communities to go away their conventional territories, withholding meals till they did so.

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