Afghan Taliban Latest News in Hindi: Taliban supplying arms to Pakistan, India should be concerned

Afghan Taliban Latest News in Hindi: Taliban supplying arms to Pakistan, India should be concerned
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Afghan Taliban Latest News in Hindi: Taliban supplying arms to Pakistan, India should be concerned

Afghan Taliban Latest News in Hindi: Taliban supplying arms to Pakistan, India should be concerned


  • Taliban militants looted and collected weapons from Afghan forces
  • The ISI is supplying weapons to Pakistan to spread violence in Kashmir.
  • According to Indian military officials, the weapons will first be used only in Pakistan.

New Delhi
The United States has equipped the Afghan army with sophisticated weapons, which are now in the hands of the Taliban. The Taliban is supplying these weapons to Pakistan. So is this a big alarm bell for India? Military officials in the country believe that they will paint Pakistan with blood before the looted American weapons arrive in India. He says terrorist organizations affiliated with the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) will first use these weapons to spread violence in Pakistan. Then somewhere they will turn towards India.

Pakistani terrorists in the seventh heaven after the fall of Kabul

Senior military officials said efforts would be made to disseminate the weapons to terrorist groups operating in India, but the security forces were fully prepared to deal with those who dreamed of using them in India. He said, “There are many reports of American weapons, especially small arms, being sent to Pakistan. But as enthusiastic as Pakistani terrorists are about the Taliban’s victory over Kabul, those weapons are likely to spread violence in Pakistan.

navbharat timesInstead of Qureshi, Afghanistan should have good relations with India, Pakistan has no problem
What is the challenge in Kashmir?

An estimated 6.5 million small arms, including M-16 and M-4 assault rifles, were supplied to the Afghan army by the US military. The Taliban also looted large quantities of communications equipment from Afghan forces. In addition, bulletproof tools, dark-sighted glasses and sniper rifles are also in the hands of Taliban terrorists. Sources say all this could be in the hands of the Pakistani military. According to him, the Indian Army has maintained such a solid system in the Kashmir Valley that the terrorists, no matter how well equipped they are with modern weapons and life-saving equipment, will have to face them.

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navbharat timesWeapons of Taliban terrorists found, ammunition equivalent to weapons of many countries

Shri Guru Granth Sahib, brought from Kabul, Hardeep Singh walked barefoot on his head

The Indian Army is fully prepared
What if Pakistani forces start sending Taliban terrorists to Kashmir? On this question, senior officials say that most of the top brass of the Indian Army have been fighting terrorism there since the 1990s. A senior military source said, “Afghans can be easily identified in the Kashmir Valley. Due to the atrocities against women, the locals shake hands with the Taliban. So, in most cases, the locals want to get rid of themselves and for that they give intelligence to the security forces.

Afghanistan Taliban Crisis: How Bad is the Situation in Afghanistan? The Afghan MP expressed pain on arrival in India

1 The experience of the 1990s will be useful
In the early stages of terrorism in Kashmir, the Pakistani military used a large number of Afghan and other foreign terrorists. It was all empty after the Soviet Union was ousted from Afghanistan. They were far more fanatical than the Kashmiri terrorists. Most of them were killed. Foreign terrorists look down on Kashmiri terrorists because they think Kashmiris are not brave enough in terrorist attacks.


The weapons fell into the hands of Taliban militants.

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