Afghan Woman Dead Body: Afghan Lawyer Thanks Nbt

Afghan Woman Dead Body: Afghan Lawyer Thanks Nbt
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Afghan Woman Dead Body: Afghan Lawyer Thanks Nbt

Afghan Woman Dead Body: Afghan Lawyer Thanks Nbt


  • ‘Thank you NBT,’ says Afghan lawyer passionately
  • Approved to transport Afghan woman’s body
  • An Afghan woman died while undergoing treatment in Delhi

New Delhi
The body of an Afghan woman kept in Safdarjung’s morgue for 14 days was cleared to be transported. At 2.30 pm on Monday, the woman’s daughter received a phone call from the embassy. You have been approved, now you can take your mother’s body to Afghanistan by road.

When the message came from Afghanistan – thank you NBT
The call from Maryam, the daughter of a lawyer by profession in Afghanistan, was very emotional. He immediately sent a message to NBT informing them of the approval. It is also written that thanks to NBT for their support during such a crisis. The NBT on Monday released the news of the appeal of the Afghan brothers to the Ministry of External Affairs. The effect of the news was seen within hours. Mary said he had been wandering for the past 14 days, the same way he was getting ready to go to the embassy on Monday. The phone call was not expected. The call came at half past one in the afternoon. They gave the green signal to collect the clearance certificate and take the body. According to Mary, the struggle she had to carry her mother’s body from the morgue to her homeland is an unforgettable time in her life. All money spent on treatment. Mother’s death here. Then try to take the corpse to his homeland.

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navbharat timesRequest from Afghan brothers and sisters: Sir, mother’s body should be taken to my homeland … please help
‘We will always remember your help’
Maryam and her brother Farhad told NBT that we will always remember your help. The mother’s body will be taken out of the ambulance to the Bagha border on Monday night or Tuesday. From there, the ambulance will be available after getting approval from the government of Pakistan. He will be taken to Peshawar by ambulance. Then, reach Peshawar from Peshawar. It will take two days to reach. I have small children, they cry so many days without me, because the atmosphere there is not good.

navbharat timesOld man’s daughter, children’s sister … Operation ‘Tejaswini-46’ became a strong woman in the district, a ‘ray of hope’
Died during treatment in Delhi
In fact, Farhad contacted NBT for help. Told the whole incident. They are residents of Taimani, 100 km from Kabul city. Mary Lawyer, 30. Mother Janjera Zadran had lung TB years ago. First taken to Kabul then to Pakistan and treated in Peshawar and Islamabad. There was no relief. Corona was born four months ago. That’s fine too. Arrived in Delhi on 5th August. The mother passed away on September 26. Since then, the body was kept in Safdarjung’s mortuary. The siblings also thanked the Safdarjung mortuary staff, who helped keep the bodies safe for so many days.


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