Afghan Women as Sex Slaves: Taliban Fighters Use Afghan Women as Sex Slaves

Afghan Women as Sex Slaves: Taliban Fighters Use Afghan Women as Sex Slaves
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Afghan Women as Sex Slaves: Taliban Fighters Use Afghan Women as Sex Slaves

Afghan Women as Sex Slaves: Taliban Fighters Use Afghan Women as Sex Slaves

With the capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, its dreaded terrorists have once again returned to their old ways. Taliban militants burned a woman because she had cooked bad food. Not only that, but Afghan women are being coffined and sent to neighboring countries as sex slaves. Afghan women are being physically abused in these countries.

Poor cooking ignited the Taliban
According to, Nazla Ayubi, who lives in the United States to save lives from the Taliban, said she has heard horrific incidents of violence against women since the terrorists took over her homeland on August 15. Done. He said a woman in the northern part of the country was set on fire just because she cooked bad food for Taliban fighters.

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Being sent out as a sex slave
He claimed that other young women were being forced to marry Taliban fighters and were being sexually abused. They are forcing people to serve and cook food, the lawyer told Sky News. Also, in the last few weeks, many young women have been sent to neighboring countries in coffins to be used as sex slaves.

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Soldiers are being forced to marry
They force families to marry off their young daughters to fight the Taliban, he added. When we see all this atrocity, I don’t see where the promise is that women should go to work. The Taliban has said it will respect women’s rights and allow them to work and study. He said there was no way to believe it. There are promises that the Taliban wants to form a comprehensive government.

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Women activists hiding from the Taliban
The woman said she knew a female TV anchor who was told to go home. He said many women activists are now fleeing in fear for their lives and those of their loved ones, but they have no way out of this situation. The situation is becoming more depressing, especially with more reports of human rights abuses against women.

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Pill for not wearing a veil
A few days ago, a woman was said to have been shot in the street for not wearing a burqa. Some women are so helpless that they can be seen in a video at Kabul airport trying to pass their children through barbed wire, where foreign troops are pulling out civilians and local friends, and women carrying them between the barbed wire are holding their children.

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Taliban fighters are roaming Afghanistan

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