After Earthquake In Japan 4 Dead 80 Are Being Missing

After Earthquake In Japan 4 Dead 80 Are Being Missing
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After Earthquake In Japan 4 Dead 80 Are Being Missing

After Earthquake In Japan 4 Dead 80 Are Being Missing

Takamichi Sugiyama, the disaster management officer for Shizuoka Prefecture, said the figures came two days after Saturday’s landslide.

Tokyo. Four people have been killed in a landslide following heavy rain in the southwestern city of Tokyo, Japan’s capital Tokyo. During this, about 80 people are said to be missing. Their search continued on Monday as well.

Shizuoka Prefecture Disaster Management Officer Takamichi Sugiyama says 80 people are missing two days after the landslide. The authorities are considering making the names of these people public. He hopes that by doing so, people who may not have been hit by the landslide will come to know. They may have reached some other place.

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147 people could not be contacted

According to preliminary information, no contact could be made with 147 people. But later this figure was corrected. City officials confirmed that some people had been evacuated safely and that some people were not there at the time of the accident.

25 people were rescued

This disaster has come at a time when officials are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. Officials said that four people have died due to this landslide. 25 people have been rescued, out of which three are injured. The landslide incident came to light on Saturday after several days of heavy rain. Three Coast Guard ships, six military drones are assisting hundreds of soldiers, firefighters and other rescuers in relief and rescue operations.

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Trying to rescue people trapped in the rubble

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told the media that rescue workers were doing their best to rescue those trapped under the rubble and were waiting for immediate help.

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