Ajay Devgn shared incident when Crowd had gathered to kill actor

Ajay Devgn shared incident when Crowd had gathered to kill actor
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Ajay Devgn shared incident when Crowd had gathered to kill actor

Ajay Devgn shared incident when Crowd had gathered to kill actor

New Delhi. Ajay Devgan, the Singham of Bollywood, is known for his snappy mood on screen today. He has played all kinds of characters on screen, in which he has been quite a hit actor in action characters. As soon as he entered the film industry, his tremendous stunts and action touched everyone’s heart and the audience used to throng to see his style. But before coming to Bollywood, this stunt of his used to be heavy on him during that time when he used to get beaten up in the affair of showing herogiri.

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Ajay Devgan revealed in the show

Ajay Devgan is the son of Veeru Devgan, the master of action and stunts on the film screen, who has not been behind in his father’s name outside the house. During his college days, he often used to fight with friends. Sometimes he used to kill and sometimes the actors used to come after hitting him. But an accident happened with Ajay when a group of 25-30 people ran to kill him. This story was revealed by Ajay Devgan himself in the show ‘Yaadon Ki Baaraat’.


when the child came under the car

Let us tell you that Ajay Devgan had said in this show that, ‘Before becoming an actor, I often have fights with people. He used to kill many people and killed many people. Once 20-25 people had killed together’. Sajid Khan was also present in this show along with host Ajay Devgan. In such a situation, Ajay Devgan asks Sajid to tell the situation ahead.

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Sajid told that when we were going to roam in Ajay Devgan’s white car, then a child came under our car in an attempt to catch the kite. Ajay immediately applied the brakes’. However, the child did not suffer any kind of injury. But on this accident the neighbors standing nearby broke towards us and started shouting at us.


Further both told that, ‘The child was very scared and started crying. In such a situation, when we were explaining to the people from the neighborhood, I do not know from where so many people came and surrounded us. What was it then those people were not ready to accept

Sajid told that, ‘For 10 minutes they kept beating us, till then Ajay Devgan’s father had come to know about the incident, he came to save his son with about 150 fighters’. In this way the lives of Sajid, Ajay and their friends were saved from that mob.

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