All cameos in Doctor Strange 2: who’s in the Marvel movie?

All cameos in Doctor Strange 2: who’s in the Marvel movie?
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All cameos in Doctor Strange 2: who’s in the Marvel movie?

All cameos in Doctor Strange 2: who’s in the Marvel film?

Main spoilers observe for Doctor Strange 2. You could have been warned.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity has landed in theaters. And sure, the rumors are true: there are a complete host of character cameos in the newest Marvel film.

Given the movie’s two-hour runtime, there aren’t as many as we initially anticipated. Nevertheless, diehard Marvel followers – whether or not you are a comic book guide aficionado or a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fanatic – will get a kick out of who turns up in the Marvel Section 4 mission. 

There could also be a few of you, although, who aren’t clued up on who these people are and wish to discover out extra about them. That is the place we come in. Under, we run by each character who makes a cameo look in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity, together with the place they crop up, which actor portrays them, whether or not they’re alive at the finish of the superhero movie, and extra. Oh, and if you would like a breakdown of what occurred in the movie’s climax, try our ending explainer article.

Unsurprisingly, we’re about to dive into main spoiler territory for Doctor Strange 2. Do not scroll previous the picture under if you have not seen it but, in any other case you will wreck the shock. Or, moderately, surprises.

Doctor Strange 2 is filled with cameos from throughout the Marvel multiverse. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Billy and Tommy Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff with her twin boys Bill and Tommy play fancy dress in WandaVision on Disney Plus

Billy and Tommy return in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Actors: Jett Klyne and Julian Hilliard.

Do they survive? Sure, the duo are alive at the movie’s finish.

After initially showing in WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff’s twin boys make a number of appearances all through Doctor Strange 2. We see them alive and effectively in an alternate universe with a Wanda Maximoff variant in numerous key scenes, together with the one the place Scarlet Witch realizes she’s develop into a monster in her quest to develop into reunited with them.

It is unclear if we’ll see Billy and Tommy once more in the MCU. In any case, Scarlet Witch seemingly sacrifices herself at the finish of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity. On condition that she destroys Chthon’s fortress on Mount Wundagore and eradicates chaos magic from the multiverse, there is no approach for anybody (America Chavez apart) to traverse the multiverse and observe them down. So their fates are at the moment up in the air.

Black Bolt

Anson Mount stars as Black Bolt in ABC's maligned Inhumans TV show

Anson Mount reprises his position as Black Bolt in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: ABC)

Actor: Anson Mount

Does he survive? No. Scarlet Witch alters actuality to take away his mouth throughout her confrontation with the Illuminati. Screaming inside his personal head out of shock and worry, he blows his personal mind out along with his quasi-sonic scream, killing himself.

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Reprising his position as Black Bolt from the a lot maligned Inhumans TV present, Anson Mount seems as a part of the Illuminati on Earth-838. We solely hear him converse as soon as – he says “I am sorry” to Supreme Strange as he kills his buddy on Titan after the Illuminati defeat their universe’s model of Thanos. However, whereas he does not (or, moderately, cannot) say a lot, it is cool to see Mount painting Black Bolt in the MCU, even along with his Nineties-style, comedian correct spandex wingsuit.

Will we see him once more? Possibly not for some time, however we’re positive Marvel Studios will need a do over on its earlier try at a live-action Inhumans TV collection.

Captain Carter

Hayley Atwell voices Captain Carter in Marvel's What If...? Disney Plus TV show

Captain Carter was first launched in Marvel’s What If…? anthology collection. (Picture credit score: Disney Plus/Marvel studios)

Actor: Hayley Atwell

Does she survive? No. She’s lower in half by her personal vibranium protect by Scarlet Witch throughout the latter’s battle with the Illuminati.

Hayley Atwell is a longtime MCU actor at this level. We have seen her in a few Captain America solo motion pictures, her personal TV present (which initially aired on ABC in the US), and heard her voice an animated Captain Carter in Marvel’s What If…? anthology collection.

It is extremely satisfying, then, to see her painting a live-action model of Captain Carter, full with a United Kingdom-embroidered swimsuit, protect, and jetpack. She greater than holds her personal towards Wanda, too, till the latter will get maintain of Carter’s weapon of alternative and slices her in two. As massive followers of Atwell, here is hoping we see one other variant of Captain Carter in the future.

Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch's Captain Marvel variant as seen in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer

Maria Rambeau’s Captain Marvel might not have died in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Actor: Lashana Lynch

Does she survive? Possibly. Her destiny is undetermined after her bruising encounter with Scarlet Witch.

Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau did not have a significant position in 2019’s Captain Marvel. And, by the time we noticed her daughter Monica all grown up in WandaVision, Maria had died after an extended battle with most cancers.

So it is equally pleasing to see Lynch painting an alternate universe’s model of Captain Marvel. She actually has a extra severe manner about her than Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers and, identical to Atwell’s Captain Carter, she goes toe to toe with Wanda throughout the latter’s struggle with the Illuminati.

The destiny of Lynch’s Captain Carter is unclear following her one-on-one with Wanda, too. Certain, Scarlet Witch drops a large statue on her, so likelihood is she perished alongside her fellow superheroes. However, as any movie fan will know, until you see somebody really die on display screen, there’s an opportunity that they are nonetheless alive. Possibly we’ll see Lynch’s Captain Marvel seem in the superhero’s second solo outing, which arrives in July 2023. You recognize, if The Marvels finally ends up being one other multiverse-centric film.

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A screenshot of Clea as seen in The Death of Doctor Strange comic series

Clea makes her live-action MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Comics/Jed Mackay/Lee Garbutt)

Actor: Charlize Theorn

Does she survive? Effectively, contemplating she seems in the movie’s mid-credits scene, sure.

A sorcerer like Doctor Strange, Clea makes her live-action debut in the MCU in the Multiverse of Insanity’ first post-credits stinger.

The character, who has main ties to the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel comics, turns up in the MCU to find Stephen Strange, who she accuses of inflicting an Incursion Occasion. You possibly can learn extra about that in our ending explainer article, which is linked in the introduction of this piece.

Clearly, Clea may have a giant supporting position in Doctor Strange’s third solo flick, however it might be some time earlier than we see her in motion. Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed (by way of IGN) that he is taking a break from performing, so do not anticipate Doctor Strange 3 to reach in theaters any time quickly.

Grasp Mordo

Master Mordo talks to a character off screen in Doctor Strange 2

Grasp Mordo is not what he appears in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studios)

Actor: Chiwetel Ejiofor

Does he survive? Sure. He is nonetheless alive after his fist struggle with Doctor Strange.

This is not a lot of a shock, on condition that Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Grasp Mordo appeared in the movie’s many trailers and TV spots. Nonetheless, it is cool to see the actor play a variant of his character from Doctor Strange’s first solo film, albeit one who has equally nefarious plans as his MCU counterpart.

Except Lynch’s Captain Marvel survived her ordeal with Scarlet Witch, Grasp Mordo is the solely Illuminati workforce member who remains to be alive after Scarlet Witch’s assault on the supergroup’s headquarters. So we would anticipate him to imagine complete management of the Illuminati’s analysis and the Sanctum Santorum. You recognize, until Earth-838’s Christine Palmer has something to say about that…

Mr. Unbelievable/Reed Richards

A screenshot of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards as seen in Marvel comics

John Krasinski performs the MCU’s first model of Mr. Unbelievable. (Picture credit score: Marvel Comics)

Actor: John Krasinski

Does he survive? No. He is turned to spaghetti after which killed by Wanda at the Illuminati’s headquarters.

Marvel followers have lengthy referred to as for John Krasinski to play Reed Richards/Mr. Unbelievable in the MCU. And, with Doctor Strange 2’s arrival, these followers have had their needs answered by Marvel Studios.

Like Mount’s Black Bolt, Krasinski’s Reed Richards does not play a giant half in proceedings. He is one among the few Illuminati members who’s trustworthy with Doctor Strange (about Supreme Strange and different multiverse elements), and appears to have his universe’s finest intentions at coronary heart.

It is a disgrace, then, that he is unceremoniously killed off by Scarlet Witch when she rocks up at the Illuminati’s headquarters. He is the just one who tries to cause along with her however, after she kills Black Bolt, he realizes she will’t be talked down. Krasinski’s Richards does not even get to make use of his powers correctly earlier than he is turned to spaghetti and has his head popped by Wanda, too. Fingers crossed that Krasinski is formally forged to play the MCU’s Reed Richards for Marvel’s Unbelievable 4 film, then, so we will see extra of him in motion.

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Pizza Poppa (additionally in post-credits scene)

Bruce Campbell playing a waiter in 2004's Spider-Man movie

Bruce Campbell reunites with long-time collaborator Sam Raimi in Doctor Strange 2 (the picture above is taken from Spider-Man 2). (Picture credit score: Sony Footage)

Actor: Bruce Campbell

Does he survive? Sure, he is by no means in hazard of dying – regardless of the undeniable fact that he punches himself in the head.

The long-time collaborator of director Sam Raimi has a cameo look in Doctor Strange 2. Disappointingly, although, Campbell does not play a significant character. As a substitute, he portrays a easy road vendor going by the identify of Pizza Poppa, who winds up getting greater than he bargained for when he runs into Doctor Strange and America Chavez.

Accusing Chavez of stealing meals from his stall, Pizza Poppa verbally lashes out at the duo. Not standing for his rudeness, Strange casts a spell that causes Pizza Poppa to repeatedly punch himself in the face for “round three weeks”. It is an amusing second, however we might’ve preferred to see Campbell have a better position in proceedings.

Professor X

Professor X sits in his chair in the heart of the X-Men's compound in the 2000 superhero movie

Patrick Stewart’s Professor X lastly makes his MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Fox/twentieth Century Studios)

Actor: Patrick Stewart

Does he survive? No. Scarlet Witch snaps his neck after he tries to cease her rampage.

The legendary Patrick Stewart reprises his position as the iconic chief of the X-Males for the first (and doubtlessly final) time in the MCU. Stewart had performed Professor Charles Xavier in Fox’s X-Males universe, and it had appeared that he’d hung up Cerebro for the remaining time after 2017’s Logan.

Clearly, although, he was introduced again for one final outing – returning to the position he’d inhabited for almost 20 years – in Doctor Strange 2. Like Krasinski’s Reed Richards, Professor X appears to assume Doctor Strange is value maintaining alive. He is the one who tells Strange to go in search of the Guide of Vishanti to try to cease Scarlet Witch’s rampage throughout the multiverse, shopping for the sorcerer time when he goes to confront Scarlet Witch as she assaults the Illuminati’s headquarters.

And he is virtually profitable in stopping Wanda, too. Utilizing his powers to enter Wanda’s thoughts, Professor X almost rescues Earth-838’s Wanda from the Scarlet Witch’s dreamwalking spell. Nevertheless, Scarlet Witch overpowers Professor X, snapping his neck inside her thoughts and in the actual world. Who’s going to pop wheelies in his yellow chair now…


A screenshot of the Doctor Strange 2 trailer that may feature Rintrah

Rintrah does not have a big position in Doctor Strange 2. (Picture credit score: Marvel Studio)

Actor: Adam Hugill

Does he survive? Sure. We see him at the finish of the movie serving to to rebuild Kamar-Taj.

Like Grasp Mordo, we knew that Rintrah – a magic minotaur who’s an ally of Doctor Strange in the comics – would seem in the Multiverse of Insanity. He has extra of a bit-part position than we initially thought, nonetheless, and solely seems for a few temporary moments at Kamar-Taj.

Given how highly effective the extraterrestrial R’Vaal magician is in Marvel’s supply materials, it is a pity he is not utilized to full impact right here. With the sheer quantity of different characters who crop up, plus the method in which the movie’s plot performs out, it should not be a significant shock to see Rintrah solely have a small position in proceedings. We would positively prefer to see him seem in Doctor Strange’s third flick, although, and possibly have a better say in what might play out throughout that superhero flick.

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