Allyson Felix Wins Her 11th Olympic Medal

Allyson Felix Wins Her 11th Olympic Medal
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Allyson Felix Wins Her 11th Olympic Medal

Allyson Felix Wins Her 11th Olympic Medal

TOKYO – Allyson Felix won her 11th Olympic medal, making her America’s most decorated Olympian in athletics, surpassing the 10 medals won by Carl Lewis.

A stacked team of Sydney McLaughlin, Felix, Dalilah Muhammad and Athing Mu won gold on Saturday night in the 4×400-meter relay, continuing an unbroken American winning streak since 1996.

The American team was full of luminaries, present and future. McLaughlin, who turned 22 on Saturday, and Muhammad, 31, joined forces after facing each other this week in the 400-meter hurdles final, a classic race in which McLaughlin edged Muhammad down the line to break his own world record. Mu, a 19-year-old phenomenon from New Jersey, had won the 800 meters with a dominant performance days earlier.

And of course there was Felix, the great lady of athletics from the United States, one day away from the bronze medal in the 400 meters. Felix, 35, said these would be her last Olympics and she made sure they were memorable.

The American men followed suit by winning their 4×400-meter race.

The performance came two days after the Americans failed to advance to the 4×100 relay race final thanks to a failed baton pass. A 4×400 loss would have been a stroke of disappointment, given the unparalleled depth the United States has long had in the sprint.

The Americans were the reigning champions of the event and had won it at eight of the last 10 Olympics. Saturday night’s win is nine out of 11.

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The US team included two of the top five in the 400-meter individual, Michael Cherry and Michael Norman, and runner-up in the 400-meter hurdles, Rai Benjamin.

Norman put the Americans in the lead in the second leg. Bryce Deadmon stretched it to five yards and Benjamin brought it home for a 1.48 second win over the Netherlands. Botswana won bronze.

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