Amarullah Saleh News: Amarullah Saleh says that we Pakistan will soon find out their mistake

Amarullah Saleh News: Amarullah Saleh says that we Pakistan will soon find out their mistake
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Amarullah Saleh News: Amarullah Saleh says that we Pakistan will soon find out their mistake

Amarullah Saleh News: Amarullah Saleh says that we Pakistan will soon find out their mistake


  • Amarullah Saleh said – Pakistan and Taliban made a big mistake
  • “Pakistan’s foreign minister is acting like a Taliban representative,” he said
  • Told the Taliban the stockpile of Pakistani troops

As soon as Kabul fell to the Taliban, President Ashraf Ghani fled, but Vice President Amrullah Saleh remained steadfast. Saleh declared himself caretaker president and took the lead in the Panjshir Valley against the Taliban. Today, it is the only area that is independent of the Taliban. What is the current situation in Afghanistan? Who is responsible for the crisis that this country is facing today? What is going on there in Pakistan? What do the people of Afghanistan want? Aditya Raj spoke to Kaul Sale on all these questions. Here are excerpts from it:

The first question I want to ask is are you safe? Where are you now, people have not seen you and what would you say about the situation in Afghanistan in the last 8-9 days?

I am in Afghanistan, in the Panjshir Valley. I meet 500-1,000 people every day. In the meantime, I have spoken to a number of international media organizations. I am in touch with diplomats from many countries. I’m not hiding anywhere. I am openly mobilizing people against the Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan is dire. What you see at Kabul airport is just a small part of the devastation. People are fleeing from here. They do not trust the Taliban. They fear that the Taliban will oppress the people. They will be deprived of basic rights. The people of Afghanistan have been betrayed. He has been stabbed in the back.

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You have talked about fighting the Taliban before, but the answer here is that your people are talking to them. Is there a solution to this conversation?

Any solution should be given by the Taliban. We don’t ask them for anything for our people. We don’t want anything from them for Panjshir. We believe that people should be directly involved in government. For example, who is the head of government? We want women to have the right to education. People should get health facilities. To protect the dignity of the common people. There should be no violence against ordinary people for revenge. We want Afghanistan to remain pluralistic with space for all communities. The Taliban do not want that. He wants to defeat everyone with the same stick. It is true that we are talking to the Taliban, but this conversation is not about Panjshir, but about the future of Afghanistan.

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Many countries are close to recognizing the Taliban government. We have seen the role of China. Pakistan is also involved in this whole process. Maybe America wants the same. So do you find yourself aloof or expecting some international support for a progressive front and an anti-Taliban front?

I wouldn’t be surprised if America made another mistake. Today the whole world is seeing the terrible consequences of the mistake he made in remembering the soldiers. I think those who make the mistake of identifying the government as a terrorist and divisive organization will later regret it. The Taliban government will not last long.

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Pakistan has promised to cooperate with the United States in the peace process in Afghanistan. But we have seen US reports which mention terrorist bases in Pakistan. The world also knows about the role of ISI in Afghanistan. You were anti-Pakistan. Now what will be Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan? Can he form a puppet government here?

At present, Pakistan’s foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, appears to be a spokesman and representative of the Taliban. Pakistan has gained control of Kabul and Afghanistan through the Taliban’s own proxy group. In such a scenario, Pakistan’s priority should be how to provide financial assistance to this regime. Where did the salaries of Taliban fighters and administrative officers and employees come from? The challenge for the Taliban and Pakistan is to meet the demands of people who have been living in different conditions for the last 20 years. Will Pakistan pay for it? Could it be bigger than NATO in this regard?

In this case, Pakistan will soon realize its mistake. If the Taliban had stayed out of Kabul and clung to their demands for political reconciliation, it might have had the help of the international community. The mistake that Pakistan and the Taliban have made is that they must now be prepared to face the consequences. You can’t teach people to pray and teach. People want food, they want education, they want health care. They want freedom of movement. So the whirlwind of Kabul’s trade that we see now will soon subside. Then they will have to face the truth.

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The reality is that Pakistan has given all kinds of military aid to its proxies, but can they continue the state? Not at all. Remember me, Pakistan will fail, the world will see. The only way out of this failure and with the blessings of the Afghan people is to allow political reconciliation. The Taliban do not represent the diversity and culture that exists in Afghanistan. Now the big question facing the world is will Pakistan overcome it? Every Afghan knows, and so do the Taliban fighters, that the Taliban are in fact extremists in Rawalpindi, the Pakistani military. Their leader is still in Rawalpindi. All their leaders who came to Afghanistan came from Peshawar, Quetta or Ghulam Khan in Pakistan. Is Pakistan strong enough to overcome world power and continue to help the Taliban?


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