America Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria, Target Iran’s Militia Group

America Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria, Target Iran’s Militia Group
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America Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria, Target Iran’s Militia Group

America Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria, Target Iran’s Militia Group

US Airstrikes targeted two weapons-related targets during the operation in Syria. At the same time, a hideout in Iraq was demolished. Militia groups have also been described as a threat to Israel.

Washington. On Sunday, the US carried out airstrikes on targets of Iran-backed militia groups in Iraq and Syria. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby gave information about the US Airstrikes. Militia groups mostly consist of representatives of the general public. They take training of the army and work for the country on special needs.

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In early June this month, there was a rocket attack in Iraq. In this, US and other coalition soldiers were badly injured. It is being said that to answer this, America has conducted these airstrikes.

Rocket attacks responded

According to media reports, US officials told that this air strike has been done in response to the rocket attacks in Iraq. According to media reports, there is no news of any American casualty in this attack.

Groups backed by Iran in Syria are also seen as a major threat to Israel. In such a situation, this action of America is considered very important.

Attack on these bases

In its air strike, the US targeted two bases in Syria with operational and weapon storage and one in Iraq. According to the Pentagon press secretary, these targets were targeted because they are used by Iran-backed militia groups. Militia groups have often been reported to be involved in attacks on US troops and their bases.

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Joe Biden instructed the air strike

US President Joe Biden is being told behind this action. He has ordered a retaliatory strike on the Iran-backed militia group for the second time within five months of becoming president. However, it has not yet been disclosed whether anyone was killed or injured in the attack. According to officials, the assessment of this action is going on. New information in this matter will be revealed soon.

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