Amitabh bachchan film zanjeer interesting facts about this film

Amitabh bachchan film zanjeer interesting facts about this film
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Amitabh bachchan film zanjeer interesting facts about this film

Amitabh bachchan film zanjeer interesting facts about this film

New Delhi. Amitabh Bachchan’s name is taken as the best actor in the Bollywood film industry. To see his films, even today, the crowd of people gathers as much as it used to be. But there was a time when film directors were afraid to sign her in their film. One such film among them was Zanjeer, this film may have proved to be a milestone for Amitabh Bachchan’s career, but before that the director wanted to take three big superstars, not Amitabh. About which very few people would know. After all, which 3 actors had rejected Zanjeer..


Dharmendra, Dev Anand and Rajkumar were chosen before Amitabh Bachchan for the film ‘Zanjeer’ which was released on 11 May 1973. Whose producer-director was Prakash Mehra, who did not sign any of these three films.


In an interview, Prakash Mehra had told that Dharmendra was ready to play the lead role for the film Zanjeer. That’s why he announced the film about the pairing of Dharmendra and Mumtaz. But after a few months Dharmendra refused to work in this film. Although a lot of effort was made to persuade Dharmendra but he was not ready for it.


Dev Anand

When Dharmendra left the film, Prakash Mehra made an offer to Dev Anand. He liked the story. But he missed the songs in it. When he asked for more songs in the film, Mehra was not ready for it. Dev Anand refused to do the film on this.


After refusing Dev Anand, Prakash Mehra went to Rajkumar with the offer of the film ‘Zanjeer’. At that time Rajkumar was very busy with a film, but even after this, Rajkumar liked the story of the film so much that he agreed to shoot from the very next day itself. But he wanted this film to be shot in South India, so that he would continue shooting his film in Chennai. However, Mehra did not accept the condition of the prince.


Pran sends Prakash Mehra to Amitabh Bachchan

When talks with the three big superstars did not work out, actor Pran sent Prakash Mehra to Amitabh Bachchan. When Amitabh was selected for this film instead of Prakash Mehra, he had to hear a lot from the people. Because during that time many of Amitabh’s films were flop. But after signing Zanjeer, Amitabh had told Prakash Mehra that if Zanjeer also flopped, he would leave Mumbai forever and return to his home in Allahabad.


Amitabh became ill after seeing a bad start

According to Mehra, when the film was released, the film did well in Kolkata. But the first four days in Bombay were very bad. Then everyone thought that this film too would be a flop. Seeing the bad start, Amitabh got so scared that he even got fever.

proved to be a super hit film

Let us tell that Zanjeer proved to be a superhit film for Amitabh Bachchan, this film made him a big star overnight. Since then, he never looked back and success kept kissing his feet. And today he is being recognized by the name of Shahshah from Bollywood.

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