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Among Us character – All About Red, Black, White, Best Among Us character in 2022

Among Us character – All About Red, Black, White, Best Among Us character in 2022
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Among Us character – All About Red, Black, White, Best Among Us character in 2022

The Among Us characters are, well, amongst one of the most legendary in all of pc gaming. These crewmates of a spacecraft gone off the deep end are as mystical as they are unusually adorable, and also their endless wardrobe of unusual as well as wild cosmetics makes them even more remarkable.

You can currently choose from a grand total of 12 different crewmates, each with their very own distinctive color. It’s real that there’s no genuine gameplay advantage to picking one Among Us personality over an additional, however, allow’s be sincere and admit that your lasting goal in the very best mobile multiplayer video games is to look really darn cool.

Among Us - among us characters

Among Us – among us characters

Fortunately, you can personalize your Among Us character to your heart’s material with numerous Among Us skins, Among United States hats, as well as even Among United States family pets. You can quickly make your crewmate unique to you by obtaining creativity and also matching your avatar’s color to their garments. So, yes, Among United States fashion is certainly a thing, as well as with this here guide, you’ll quickly be a specialist in every Among United States personality.



The Among Us characters are crewmembers of a spaceship attacked by an unusual and dangerous imposter. They’re humanoid creatures with a portly look, and also they use full-body spacesuits and small backpacks. The knapsack’s function is vague, though our ideal assumption is that it’s an oxygen storage tank of some kind.

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The crewmembers reveal no obvious power structure or expertises, indicating they can perform any kind of job on the ship without incident. Given the charlatan doesn’t eliminate them, that is. Right now, the Among Us characters have no solid backstory, yet that could change in time as new maps as well as updates show up.


Your Amongst Us character’s name is determined by you, the gamer. Changing your name is a basic process and also can be done before the start of a new round. Merely navigate your way to the ‘Online’ menu, click on ‘Go into Call’, after that switch your existing title out for something fresh and also interesting. Keep in mind that you can not transform your name while you’re partway around, as this would allow for all manner of complicated wrongdoings.




There are 12 Among Us characters overall, each with their very own unique color. Right here’s a complete listing:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Cyan
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

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Living characters are shown as brief, humanoid beings using a spacesuit. They lack arms, have short legs, as well as their spacesuits do not disclose what is underneath. In some cases, players will certainly appear to have four-fingered hands at specific moments, such as the murder animations when they are eliminated by An Impostor. On the contrary, the Reactor Meltdown UI shows a five-fingered hand being checked. A small pack is additionally mounted on the back of the match.

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If a player is gotten rid of by normal gameplay, they will develop into a ghost. Ghosts look the same as living characters, other than that they have a ghost tail in place of legs and also are translucent. Their presently picked skin will certainly not be shown below the personality.

If the player is a Crewmate, all characters will present their names in white over their heads. If the gamer is selected as An Impostor, after that any other Impostors will certainly see their names (including their own) as colored red.

If An Impostor eliminates a Crewmate, they will certainly leave behind a decapitated remains, which appears as the bottom fifty percent of the body lying down with a single bone standing out of it.

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According to Submit Check, characters evaluate 92 extra pounds and are 3’6″ high. The only exception is Fortegreen, who considers 132 pounds.
Players will certainly play as Fortegreen while attaching, in addition to the username “???”.
The default name made use of to be “ForteBass,” called after Forest Willard’s username. In between versions 2021.4.2 and also 2021.6.30, Fortegreen was named “GareBear”.

Numerous kill animations and also promotional art show that characters undoubtedly have a pair of detached hands, and also Impostors have teeth as well as long tongues. Such hands can appear and also go away at will.
Crewmates might be Henry Stickmin characters, as a human-like voice can be listened to in Communications.
Amongst United States did a retweet, exposing if you look under the space fit, you will certainly see the precise same point.

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Characters are able to consume with osmosis. In a tweet from Among Us, they claimed that characters

“either have no toes or each leg is in fact just a giant toe.”

Personalities are stored in the game files as a base theme rather than sprites for each color. Red marks where the primary color goes, blue marks shadows, navy blue marks the summery color, shades of pink are used for the insides, as well as tones of environment-friendly are utilized for the visor.
This shade is referred to as ‘Crewcolor’ on cosmetics with such coloring to enable them to transform to the shade of the character.

The Roadmap of AMONG US in 2022

And that’s it for our Among Us personality guide. If you’re trying to find even more info on just how to carry out jobs, outwit the imposter, or pursue the crewmates, finest offer our complete Among United States overview a fast read.

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