Anand Bakshi, the storyteller: In new book, son Rakesh reflects on the poet's 'life and lyrics'

Anand Bakshi, the storyteller: In new book, son Rakesh reflects on the poet's 'life and lyrics'

For any particular person accustomed to Hindi film music, it’s miles extraordinarily not going they do not have heard a music penned by Anand Bakshi. The slack lyricist’s occupation lasted over 5 a long time, and his creator son Rakesh Anand Bakshi makes an attempt to encapsulate these a long time, alongside at the facet of his father’s rising-up years, by blueprint of first-hand accounts in a model unique e-book, Nagme, Kisse, Baatein, Yaadein: The Existence and Lyrics of Anand Bakshi.

The ‘existence and lyrics’ of Anand Bakshi had been on the entire correlated. It seemed as if the songs themselves narrated his existence memoir, together with that of 1000’s of his listeners. In an bizarre interview, Rakesh Anand Bakshi throws light on the eminent occupation and storied lifetime of his father, as talked about in the e-book and previous.

You point out in the e-book that Anand Bakshi by no means referred to himself as a poet, however easiest as a songwriter. He even attests that in the music from Bobby (1973), ‘Principal Shayar Toh Nahi.’ Looking again, what carry out you assume is his most poetic work until date?

There turned a thought that Anand Bakshi turned right a rhymester. There’s a bear in mind for it in Hindi, tukbandi. Nevertheless in case you hear a couple of of his songs from the slack Nineteen Fifties and even the early Sixties, highly effective prior to the step ahead with Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965) and Milan (1967), it’s miles such sizable poetry! I actually found it very currently. From the ’60s, he began getting criticised for the tukbandi. All his so-known as critics had been worshipping Sahir (Ludhianvi). Little did they know that Sahir had been selling Anand Bakshi as a lyricist from the ’60s. Is that not irony?

There turned a sort of ache in my father for he wasn’t recognised as a poet, excluding by the 250 filmmakers he labored with. It moreover mirrored in two of his songs — ‘Principal Shayar Badnam‘ from Namak Haraam and ‘Kuchh Toh Log Kahenge‘ from Amar Prem (1972). When he arrived in Bombay, shayars bask in Majrooh Sultanpuri and Kaifi Azmi had been ruling. They’d been the elite who had been invited to your entire mushairas. Nevertheless my dad easiest obligatory to be an artist. He even wrote that as a result of the association of his existence on the barrack partitions of the military cantonment in 1950, that he obligatory to be an artist with out reference to the mannequin. He regularly wrote nazms, quiet music, and sang it to his fellow military males. Or not it’s easiest when he met his guru Bismil Saeedi that he obtained into Urdu poetry.

In the Tributes chapter of your e-book, Gulzar writes of Anand Bakshi’s look, “Hamare yahan Urdu shayar ki picture aisi thi ki daadi badi aur pyjama sambhalte hue bechara shayar keechad se guzar raha hai.” Nevertheless reverse to that thought, Anand Bakshi turned an impeccably dressed military man. How carry out you assume his background of the defence forces moreover mirrored in his work?

In the military, no matter your commanding officer tells you to protect out, you carry out it. That’s how the equation is. No matter he says, it’s your gospel actuality, it’s your Bible; you stop your existence for it. In any other case you face courtroom martial. Why would any particular person stop his existence for his nation? You have no idea your nation. Nevertheless a selected one who represents the nation for you. My dad stale to dispute he stale to deal with his producers and administrators as his commanding officer.

I bear in thoughts, after I misplaced my father, I turned speaking to filmmaker Subhash Ghai, who I may possibly effectively possibly assisted in Taal (1999) and Yaadein (2001). He acknowledged the defining high quality of Anand Bakshi turned self-discipline. He acknowledged, “My movement images have gotten delayed on account of quite a few causes, however that they had been by no means delayed on account of Anand Bakshi, all the blueprint by blueprint of 16 movement images and 25 years of our affiliation. He stale to find out on two days for a music and recount the refrain inside two hours!” Even Yash Chopra stale to dispute that at any time when he generally known as my dad to commerce a line or two as a result of it wasn’t sitting efficiently, he stale to protect out it immediate on the mobile phone. He regularly obligatory to thrill his collaborators. He by no means acknowledged, “Itne paise mein itna good day milega.”

In the similar chapter, AR Rahman acknowledged of Anand Bakshi that he wrote lyrics that had been “simple, however by no means simplistic”. He reasoned that’s the reason his lyrics stand out since there could possibly be so highly effective litter and noise accessible. Anand Bakshi stale to argue that this turned as a result of he turned not that efficiently educated ample to put in writing down exact shayari. Attain you assume that turned easiest a modest admission or turned there some actuality to it?

Or not it’s right. When Tanuja Chandra approached him for Dushman (1998)he acknowledged it’s a extraordinarily nerve-racking memoir to put in writing down songs for thus he requested her to present him a day. She suggested me later that she thought “how may possibly effectively effectively a oldschool bask in Anand Bakshi get hold of any memoir nerve-racking!” She thought he turned making an try to stall her diplomatically. Nevertheless a day later, he generally known as her and narrated the music ‘Chithi Na Koi Sandesh‘ for when Kajol’s sister dies. He had the self perception however he didn’t are making an try to find out to it besides he got here up with that refrain.

In the privateness of our home, my dad suggested me he felt undecided of himself for years, with out reference to the quantity of labor he’d completed. He right felt he turned out to be lucky. He made me realise {that a} scarcity of self perception is pure, and that it retains one going.

And Rahman jogs my memory, pattern the music from Taal: “Nahi saamne ye alag baat hai, mere pas hai tu mere pas hai.” How minimalist and profound it’s miles. He is written it for love however is not going to be it right for a useless guardian, brother or buddy? Moreover for heartbreak and unrequited fancy.

The simplicity in his lyrics helped songs bask in ‘Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye‘ (Farz, 1967) enter nationwide consciousness. It is quiet the paddle-to birthday music all the blueprint by blueprint of India as of late. How carry out you assume he completed that?

Secure behold for #BaarBaarDinYeAaye on Instagram, and additionally that it is doubtless you will get hold of 20-300 and sixty 5 days-olds and 18-300 and sixty 5 days-olds decreasing a cake and singing the music. Comparatively a couple of individuals have no idea Anand Bakshi has written the music in order that they do not hashtag him. He wrote greater than 2,000 hits. If all of them hashtag him in all his songs, there will be 1,000,000 songs beneath #AnandBakshi on Instagram. Nonetheless, they easiest talk about concerning the singer or the actor in the media. Even non-public radio stations do not point out the lyricist as a result of it doubtlessly reduces their advert time by a couple of seconds.

Coming discount to the language of his lyrics, his limitation of being much less educated grew to turn out to be his USP. Bhari bharkam, heavy, poetry additionally may perchance be appreciated, however you are going to not affirm it. To affirm to your sister, you want a music bask in ‘Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka‘ (Hare Rama Hare Krishna, 1971). At the same time as you occur to sang a nazm to your sister. To affirm to your mom, you’ll not be going to affirm a nazm. Chances are high you will possibly effectively affirm ‘Tu Kitni Achhi Hai‘ (Raja Aur Runk, 1968). It is bask in a music being preserve into phrases, in discipline of phrases being preserve right into a music.

And this wasn’t a large awake effort. He did not know larger. His vocabulary turned dinky. He turned from the military, the preserve there are individuals from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, and all different areas of India in the unit. Chances are high you will possibly effectively not comment in heavy Urdu and even Hindi there. He right did what got here to him naturally.

You moreover point out in the e-book that Anand Bakshi stale to dispute whereas writing songs, “Jab kahani sunta hu, tabhi dimag chalta hai.” His lyrics stale to on the entire be a recordsdata to how filmmakers shot their music sequences. How did he possess these songs so non-public whereas sticking to the quick provided?

Subhash Ghai stale to dispute he comprehended the subtext of Anand Bakshi’s lyrics easiest whereas taking footage the music when he stale to listen to the music time and once more. Then he stale to determine the preserve to discipline the digicam and so on. On the reverse hand, my father stale to dispute Subhash Ghai would uplift his lyrics with the mannequin he picturised the songs. As an illustration, in the Taal title uncover line, “Dil ye bechain hai, raste pe nain hain,” he would physique the shot in the sort of method which that it is doubtless you will peep each ‘raste‘ and ‘nain’ on cloak.

So far as merging the memoir of the film at the facet of his non-public experiences is concerned, what are existence experiences? The books you be taught, the movement images you already know, the heartbreaks you deal with, the folks you lose. At the same time as you bump right into a memoir, one factor will discipline off as you are going to additionally honest have lived it. If the memoir is highly effective, it conjures up you even in case you are going to additionally honest haven’t expert it. As he stale to dispute,

Principal toh sheesha hu. If I fabricate not get hold of an accurate memoir, how will I write?”

His lyrics quiet allure to all ages, and his occupation lasted from the slack Nineteen Fifties to the early 2000s. Did you peep your father’s method to his craft commerce as per the know-how he turned writing for?

He did not commerce his method. When he began off, SD Burman suggested him, “Bakshi, kahani suno, kahani mei gaana hai.” Each decade, reviews modified. What turned his level of inspiration? The memoir. So when the memoir modified, the context modified, and so did his lyrics. Secure bask in Arjuna in the Mahabharata, he appeared at easiest his goal in the peep, that’s the memoir. The focal lens modifications from big angle to deep point of interest. One in all many secrets and techniques and methods of his success I realise turned that he turned an accurate listener.

So a lot of his songs are elephantine of motifs from nature, bask in ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain‘ from Balika Badhu (1975). Can you describe his relationship with nature?

He wrote a complete bunch of songs from the inaugurate up of his occupation until the very finish. The impression got here from 17 years of existence in Punjab. There had been no cell telephones, tv, radio, and different distractions as a change of nature. He stale to sleep on the chhat for the duration of the summertime, play in the galis, and bathe in the kuan. He turned a child of the Nineteen Thirties.

And what turned his fascination for the moon? He has written such very excellent songs on it, from ‘Chaand Si Mehbooba Ho Meri‘ (Himalay Ki God Mein, 1965) to ‘Gali Mein Aaj Chaand Nikla‘ (Zakhm, 1998). 

In as of late, when there turned highly effective much less electrical vitality, moonlight turned a wished present of inspiration and admiration. Now, we don’t even behold the moon on account of side highway lights. It has dwarfed in our imaginative and prescient and our minds as efficiently.

Moonlight turned moreover comforting then as a result of individuals would not step out of their home on a moonless evening as they might not be able to gaze the preserve that they had been going. And there turned thriller hooked as a lot as the moon as a result of man had not conquered it then. As soon as he did, there turned no thriller left both. These had been the days when individuals appeared up at the stars extra on the entire.

He moreover had the sort of deep considered human relations and provided philosophical, sociological insights by blueprint of songs bask in ‘Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai’ (Dost, 1974) and ‘Yeh Kya Hua‘ (Amar Prem, 1972). The place carry out you assume he drew these from?

Some other time, from existence experiences. He enriched himself by blueprint of individuals. At the same time as you reside for 10 years alongside together with your military mates, you make deep bonds with these dinky individuals. There is no such thing as a one else to rely on. At the same time as you are going to additionally honest have a complete bunch of associates, then these friendships are frivolous. Now, it’s simple in an effort to add or delete a buddy for that purpose of social media.

In the e-book, he moreover lamented the decline of the ‘sad music’ from Hindi cinema. He stale to have fun unhappiness by blueprint of songs bask in ‘Ye Jeevan Hai‘ (Piya Ka Ghar, 1972) and ‘Chingari Koi Bhadke‘ (Amar Prem, 1972). Why has the sad music disappeared?

He stale to bask in singing sad songs at our events. Clearly, whilst of late individuals net sad. Nevertheless in as of late, they stale to let unhappiness toddle its course. It turned bask in the flu the preserve it could effectively possibly determine not decrease than 5 days to terminate a working nostril, with or with out treatment. Now, we’d like immediate gratification. In so many songs, Anand Bakshi acknowledged that happiness and unhappiness are your folks, nevertheless the trick is, you are going to not discount each at the similar time.

He confessed in the e-book that he could not say romance in exact existence, which is why he may possibly effectively effectively carry out it so efficiently in songs bask in ‘Kya Yahi Pyar Hai‘ (Rocky, 1981), ‘Jab Hum Jawan Honge‘ (Betaab), ‘Tere Mere Hothon Pe‘ (Chandni, 1989), ‘Tu Mere Saamne‘ (Darr, 1993), ‘Tujhe Dekha‘ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, 1995), and ‘Dholna‘ (Dil Toh Pagal Hai, 1997). What turned his affiliation with romance bask in?

Any particular person had acknowledged to him, “Bakshi saab, aapki toh kya romantic existence hogi.” He acknowledged, “Meri existence itni romantic hoti toh mai likh nahi pata aise gaane.” He believed we aspire for what we preserve not want. And romance runs out of each marriage after one deadline. Then duty, dharma, duties determine over. Nevertheless your fancy for that individual particular person exists with out reference to romance; you don’t be taught about romance to own the relationship work. Since you retain not want highly effective of it in existence, in case you write about romance, it flows. That is what he believed.

Nagme, Kisse, Baatein, Yaadein: The Existence and Lyrics of Anand Bakshi is printed by Penguin Random Rental India.