Anupama 23rd July Written Updates Anupama gets angry on Kavya Vanraj

Anupama 23rd July Written Updates Anupama gets angry on Kavya Vanraj
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Anupama 23rd July Written Updates Anupama gets angry on Kavya Vanraj

Anupama 23rd July Written Updates Anupama gets angry on Kavya Vanraj

New Delhi. Vanraj is working hard to run his cafe. He started distributing pamphlets on the road for the promotion of Kaif on the road. Seeing this, Rakhi Dave gets furious and makes a lot of spectacle after coming home. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of the show ‘Anupama’.

babu ji sad

Samar and Pakhi get into a fight. Paakhi falls while arguing. Then Tosho comes. Tosho feels that Samar has raised his hand on Pakhi. Seeing this, Tosho starts shouting at Samar. Samar tries to explain that she has fallen by herself. The argument between Samar and Tosh escalates and the two start fighting. Pakhi tries to stop both of them. Then Babuji comes. He gets very sad when he fights with Tosh and Samar. Babu ji tells the three children. He is performing very well the values ​​given by his mother. For the first time, he feels as if he is alive.

Bow gives encouragement to Anupama

Anupama gets very sad about the argument with Pakhi. Just then Bo brings a glass of milk for Anupama. Bow explains to Anupama that children do not give pain when they are born. They bring pain for life. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Bow encourages Anupama that everything will be alright and if it doesn’t, then she knows that she will make everything right.

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Anupama and Boy are disappointed to see Pakhi’s behavior.

When Anupama comes to the kitchen early in the morning, she sees that Kavya is already present there. Kavya tells Anupama that she has prepared breakfast for everyone. Also made for him. Just then Pakhi comes and she sees that Kavya is preparing breakfast for her. Kavya says that she has also made chocolate sandwich for her. Seeing this, Anupama tells Pakhi that she has been eating sweets for a long time, so there will be pain in her stomach. Kavya hears this and says that then she started talking. Anupama stops Kavya from speaking in between. Then Pakhi also tells her not to say anything to her bestie. Bau gets disappointed seeing Pakhi’s behavior with Anupama.

Big challenge in front of Vanraj

On going to the cafe, Anupama asks Vanraj to explain to Pakhi. That’s when Summer brings the pamphlet for the cafe. Everyone gets happy seeing the pamphlet. Then a pamphlet is dropped in the cafe. Vanraj wakes up her pamphlet and sees that someone has opened another cafe opposite his cafe. Which is much better than their cape. Vanraj gets very sad seeing this, but Anupama courageously reminds Vanraj how he has brought big projects for his company. So now he can do the same for his cafe. Then Vanraj himself leaves with the pamphlet.

Vanraj started distributing pamphlets

Vanraj himself starts distributing pamphlets by standing on the road with pamphlets in his hands. Seeing this, Anupama, Mama ji, and Samar get very sad. Just then Babu ji comes and sees Vanraj distributing the pamphlet, and he too gets disheartened. Babu ji says that time shows what day. Kavya brings lunch for Vanraj and sees him standing on the road distributing pamphlets. Seeing this, she feels very embarrassed and goes with the food box back.

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Rakhi Dave called Vanraj and family a beggar

Vanraj, Anupama, Samar, Babu ji and Mama ji return home from the cafe. Then they see Rakhi sitting on Dave’s swing. Bo returns from the temple and Rakhi is also shocked to see Dave. Bow Rakhi tells Dave to get off the swing but he doesn’t answer. Rakhi Dave says that she is thinking that she is thinking how to talk to the people of the road. Rakhi tells Dave Bo that her son and ex-wife were standing on the road distributing pamphlets begging people to come to the cafe and drink coffee.

Hearing this, Vanraj says that publicizing his work is not wrong. Vanraj reminds Rakhi Dave that his coaching center board is also installed in the same street. On which his picture is also attached. Which is telling people to get admission in the coaching center.

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Vanraj’s anger erupted for calling Babu ji a beggar

Vanraj tells Rakhi that earlier he used to say you but now he will say you. Then Rakhi tells Dave that this is what she expects from Sadakchhap. Rakhi Dave says that she gave it to her daughter in a poor house. Not in a beggar house. Vanraj Rakhi makes Dave understand that there are laborers in his house. On that road his babu ji would also call Rakhi Dave Vanraj as well as his babu ji as a beggar. Vanraj and his entire family are shocked to hear this. Rakhi pacifies Dave by shouting Vanraj.

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( PrecapAnupama asks Kavya that she has a problem with staying in the house with her. So Kavya says yes. He has a problem with the cafe in Anupama Dance Academy. So Kavya says yes. Anupama angrily asks Vanraj and Kavya to leave their house and dance academy.)

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