Anupama 2nd July 2021 Written Updates Kinjal Realise Her Mistake

Anupama 2nd July 2021 Written Updates Kinjal Realise Her Mistake
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Anupama 2nd July 2021 Written Updates Kinjal Realise Her Mistake

Anupama 2nd July 2021 Written Updates Kinjal Realise Her Mistake

New Delhi. These days in the show Anupama, behavior is being shown instead of kinchal. It is shown how Kinchal’s relationship with Anupama has changed. Kavya was also seen taking full advantage of this thing. On the other hand, in today’s episode, everything will be fine between Anupama and Kinchal. Kinchle will realize his mistake. Know what will happen in tonight’s episode of the show Anupama.

Anupama explained to Kinchal

Anupama wakes up early in the morning and does all the work. Kinchal comes to the kitchen and sees that Anupama has done all the work. Kinchal tells Anupama that by doing all the work she has become right and she has not become wrong. Anupama explains to Kinchle that as her daughter is Sweety for her. In the same way they are. She told Kinchle that if she feels bad about anything, she can fight with them rightfully, but don’t do it. On hearing this, Kinchal becomes silent for a while.

Kinchal replied to Kavya

Seeing Anupama explaining to Kinchal, Kavya comes to the kitchen and tells Kinchal not to get into Anupama’s words. Also says that Geeta Bai has gone, so now she has got a new Bai, Anupama. On hearing this, Kavya gets furious and says that she is not a mother-in-law and whatever she did, she did not do it on her provocation. She was just upset for a long time. That’s why it happened. Kinchal tells Kavya that she does not get involved in anyone’s talk. Kavya gets shocked seeing the change in Kinchal.

Kinchle realized the mistake

Kinchle gets a call from his boss and he tells them that his wife is unwell so he can’t help her with the new project. Kinchle says that it doesn’t matter if she will do a little more work. On saying this, Kinchle realizes his mistake. At the same time, Samar overhears this and makes Kinchal realize how upset she was about the housework but did not do the office work.

Babuji gave advice to Vanraj

Vanraj with Babuji seeks advice regarding his Kaif’s work. Then Anupama comes. Babu ji asks Anupama if he has any idea about taking a cafe. That’s when Anupama advises Vanraj to keep the price of his cafe food low because school and college kids come there. At the same time, Anupama says that in the cafe, keep such food which people in a hurry can eat in the car. Also advised comedian and guitar play in Kaif.

Babuji and Vanraj get very impressed by Anupama’s idea. That’s where Kavya comes in. When Babuji asks him if he has any idea regarding Vanraj’s work. So Kavya says that she has a lot of work to do. If you have any idea, I will definitely tell.

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Kinchle realized the mistake

Anupama rushes home and apologizes to the family for being late. Then the whole family shows Anupama that all the food is ready. Kinchal comes and hugs Anupama. Kinchal tells Anupama that she will not do any mistake in future. If she ever makes a mistake, she can even hit her ear. Everything goes well between Kinchal and Anupama and Kavya sees her. Vanraj makes Kavya understand that he has a very good family. If she tries too, then everything will be fine.

Debate over money for household expenses

Kavya orders some household items. Seeing this, Bo tells Kavya that you do not even know what is in the house. Such money is being wasted. Angrily, Kavya says that she will give money for a month’s ration, whichever she wants. Hearing this, Bo gets furious. Babu ji decides that Kavya is right. If everyone earns in the house, then everyone should share in the house.

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babu ji got angry

Babu ji is sitting and talking with the family for who will give the house and how. They write the names of the earners in the house in the list. Then Anupama Babu ji says that Vanraj’s salary will come from next month, so money should be taken from him only. On hearing this, Kavya says that Vanraj has not passed so much that he cannot pay for the expenses of the house. There is a lot of debate between Anupama Kavya on this matter and Babu ji gets up and leaves.

Seeing this Vanraj scolds Kavya. Vanraj tells Bo that he will accept whatever their decision is. But soon he will again bear the expenses of his family. He did not want that the responsibility of earning money should fall on the shoulders of his children.

( PreKinchal realizes his mistake and apologizes to Anupama. Along with this, now a quarrel has started in the house regarding the expenses of the house. Babuji gets angry seeing this. )

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