Anupama 30th july written updates: Big trouble on Vanraj-Anupama, a huge amount of 20 lakhs will have to be paid to pay tax

Anupama 30th july written updates: Big trouble on Vanraj-Anupama, a huge amount of 20 lakhs will have to be paid to pay tax
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Anupama 30th july written updates: Big trouble on Vanraj-Anupama, a huge amount of 20 lakhs will have to be paid to pay tax

Anupama 30th july written updates: Big trouble on Vanraj-Anupama, a huge amount of 20 lakhs will have to be paid to pay tax

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New Delhi. Vanraj got very upset even before the cafe got low ratings and Anupama’s name came up. His behavior has completely changed with Anupama as well. Babuji gets very upset seeing this. Anupama then distances herself from Vanraj. Just then a tax paper comes and again brings Vanraj and Anupama closer. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Vanraj will pay the cafe rent to Anupama

Vanraj tells Anupama to pay rent. Anupama gets shocked hearing this. Anupama says that this is Babuji’s factory. Vanraj says that he has given it to him. He will pay the rent. Kavya then comes in the middle and asks to pay the rent. Hearing this, Anupama also agrees to take the rent.

Babuji angry with Vanraj’s behavior

Bau asks Babu ji to pay the electricity bill. Only then Babu ji says that he should explain to Vanraj that there is a big difference between self-respect and pride. Babuji says that Vanraj falls on his feet when he is in need and when the work is done, he crushes him under his feet. Babuji is very upset with Vanraj’s behavior. Babu ji believes that since childhood, son is the only son in the house, in such a situation when a woman’s name starts being named, a man cannot bear it. Babuji asks Baa to explain to Vanraj in his own way.

Vanraj furious at Chef and Kavya

The chef in the cafe tries to taste like Anupama, but fails again and again. Vanraj shouts at the chef and tells him to cook properly. Then the chef asks if he is fine. Vanraj shouts again. Seeing this, Vanraj apologizes to the chef. Just then Kavya comes and encourages Vanraj and says that she too will learn. Vanraj gets furious after listening to Kavya and hears that if she had learned, it would not have happened today.

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Had she lived in front of Mansi Jain, the cafe would have got a good rating. Kavya asks Vanraj to take out Anupama’s anger on him. Vanraj takes out anger on Kavya and says that when Mansi Jain came, she was doing me in front of her. He didn’t even mention her name once.

Anupama explained to Samar

Samar also gets upset after hearing about Vanraj’s rent. He says that people get thanks for helping but here the story is different. Samar tells Anupama to take rent from Vanraj at market rate. Anupama explains that those who try to humiliate people. They never reach the heights.

Vanraj furious at media people

Two people come to the cafe. Seeing whom Vanraj feels that he is a customer. He talks to Vanraj and says that he is from a channel. He tells that he wants to make a story on him about his ex wife Anupama, how the ex wife helps her husband even after separation. Hearing this, Vanraj gets furious and says that he is being supported by his current wife, not his ex-wife. Vanraj refuses to give the interview.

Vanraj misbehaved with media

After agreeing with Vanraj’s interview, the girl, who came for the interview, talks to her partner and says that the ego has definitely been hurt. Husband can never believe that wife is supporting him. So how can you accept the support of ex-wife. Vanraj hears this and tells the girl to say whatever she is saying on her face. Vanraj says that if he did not get the spice of his mind, then he started saying anything. The girl tells Vanraj to talk to Tameez. Also says that she is from both the media and in today’s time the worst thing is most viral. Vanraj tells them not to threaten them.

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20 lakh tax on factory

A man comes to the cafe taking the name of Hasmukh Shah. Vanraj says that he is her father. He says that the tax on this property has not been paid for a long time. Vanraj asks how much is the tax. The man tells that there is a tax of 20 lakh rupees. He gets very upset hearing this. Vanraj goes to Anupama but Anupama is teaching dance. Samar comes to Anupama and tells about Vanraj being upset. Samar says that he has explained himself that he will mean to himself. Anupama says do you know if that thing is related to them.

Rakhi Dave’s new plan

On the other hand, Rakhi justifies Dave’s threat to Toshho to leave the house with Kinchal. Rakhi tells Dave Tosho that since childhood, Kinchal did not get the love that he should have. In such a situation, she mixes quickly with anyone. Rakhi asks Dave Tosho to convince Kinchal with love.

Anupama trapped in academy

Anupama and Samar are on their way out of the cafe and they see a child from outside locking the door. Samar tells Anupama that a kid comes in the class who closes the bathroom and the gate here and there. Anupama asks Samar to leave the cafe and open the door. Then Vanraj’s table tax paper suddenly flies away and reaches Anupama’s dance class. Which Anupama reads and gets shocked.

Boy explained to Sweety

Kavya reaches home with cafe items. Kavya gets tired and sits on the sofa. Just then, Bo brings a glass of water and taunts Kavya. Bow asks Kavya if she will have tea. Kavya asks him to make coffee. Along with them, Bom also asks them to bring balm, which Kavya refuses. Just then Sweety comes and stands beside Kavya and starts talking about her dance.

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Hearing this, Kavya gets irritated and says that she is hurting her head. She wants to sleep. Hearing this, Sweety starts going to her room. Bow explains to Sweety that her mother too was tired that day. Similarly, if she understood this thing on that day also, then there would not have been a fight.

Anupama and Vanraj worried about tax

Taking the tax paper, Anupama goes to Vanraj and says that 20 lakhs, the factory was closed for so long. She says that if the tax is not paid, Vanraj says that the factory will be sealed. Anupama says that she can pay in installments. Then Vanraj says that the factories are in the name of Babuji, so both of us should pay the tax. Vanraj and Anupama decide that they have to pay the tax somehow. Anupama says that both the dance academy and the cafe have a dream. Vanraj tells that the cafe is his last hope. Anupama says they have to find a way out and avoid getting the factory sealed.

( Precap– Kavya gets the tax paper and she starts shouting at Vanraj that what will he do now. Sometimes Rakhi Dave brings her check book and says that it is better to take money from outside than begging or selling kidney to people. Vanraj says that he will take loan. Then Rakhi Dave says that no bank will give loans to cafes and a dance academy that are open for two days. Rakhi Dave says that if not today or tomorrow she will have to fall at his feet.

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