Anupama 4th August written updates: There is a crack in Anupama’s family, the whole family will be shaken by Babuji’s decision

Anupama 4th August written updates: There is a crack in Anupama’s family, the whole family will be shaken by Babuji’s decision
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Anupama 4th August written updates: There is a crack in Anupama’s family, the whole family will be shaken by Babuji’s decision

Anupama 4th August written updates: There is a crack in Anupama’s family, the whole family will be shaken by Babuji’s decision

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New Delhi. At this time a mountain of troubles broke on Anupama. On Anupama’s head, where the problem of paying tax of 20 lakhs has come. On the other hand, his children have come down on misbehavior with him. Tosho and Pakhi’s misbehavior keeps on increasing. In such a situation, now Anupama is breaking down completely. Pakhi forgot to respect Anupama while living with Kavya. Seeing this, Bao and Babuji have also become very upset. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Anupama allows Tosho to leave the house

Anupama tells Toso that if she wants to go, then go, but go happily. Don’t go by pretending that he is going to break the family. Go by pretending that he is going to make another family. Anupama says that she should not kill her parents again and again. He could not learn to live with his parents and the family could not learn to live without him. Anupama asks her to tell the date of leaving. When does he have to leave? Kinchle says she doesn’t want to go. Anupama leaves this decision to Kinchal and Toshho.

Pakhi does not want to see mother Anupama’s face

Explaining to Kinchal, Anupama says that tomorrow is a big day for Pakhi. Pakhi says what do you mean by her? Anupama explains to Pakhi that tomorrow is a big day for her. If she is tired today, she will have trouble tomorrow. Anupama says that tomorrow the whole family will come to see her dance performance. Then Pakhi says that everyone will come but she should not come. Pakhi clearly says that if Anupama comes tomorrow, she will get off the stage.

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Vanraj and the entire family are shocked to hear this. Kavya also says that she has a passion to be great. Vanraj tells Kavya and Pakhi to keep quiet, but Pakhi also tells Vanraj that if he scolds her, she will not dance tomorrow.

Advice to be strict with babu ji paakhi

Pakhi tells Anupama that she will dance with her bestie tomorrow to prove that she doesn’t need him. Tomorrow she will dance with her bestie. Pakhi leaves. Vanraj folds his hands in front of Kavya and Anupama and tells them to stop doing tamasha everyday. Otherwise, today Tosho is talking about leaving the house. Tomorrow Samar and Pakhi will also ask to leave the house and he too will go to some well himself. Then Bow tells Vanraj that Pakhi should take care of it now or else tomorrow she will stand in front of her parents with slippers. Babuji also explains to Vanraj that he has to understand Pakhi strictly. Anupama cries alone.

There was a fight again between Kinchal-Toshho

Kinchal stays in the room angrily. She takes off her clothes in anger. Seeing this, Tosh’s mouth becomes. Kinchle takes her pillow and falls asleep on the sofa. Seeing this, Tosho gets angry. Tosho tells Kinchal why did she sleep there? Just then, Kinchal says that she is not in the mood for any more drama.

Samar-Nandani promise to support Anupama

Samar goes to Nandani. Nandani expresses concern about Pakhi. Nandani says that she has become like this while living with Kavya. Nandani says Pakhi has such a good mother. But he does not know their value. Nandani angrily says that she gets very angry at those children. Those who do not understand the value of being with their mother, but as soon as they go to study far away, then they start posting poems and pictures of Miss You on social media. Nandani and Samar promise each other that the mistakes Pakhi and Tosho are committing. They never will.

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Anupama appealed to the Sun God for help

Anupama prays in the morning while offering water to the Sun God. Anupama tells the sun god that he lights the whole world. Let them also burn the bleb of Pakhi’s intellect. Anupama says that there is a crack in the relationship. In such a situation, plaster them a little. Anupama asks God to do some magic that she prays to fix all the relationships.

Vanraj’s advice to Kavya

Vanraj tells Kavya that he will go to the bank and apply for the loan. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is paying rent to Anupama. At the same time, she is sitting as the mistress of the factory. Vanraj asks Kavya to pay attention to Pakhi. Vanraj tells Kavya that Pakhi does not like defeat at all. Hearing this, Kavya says that she does not like this either. After the departure of Kavya Vanraj, she thinks to herself that she will win with Pakhi today and will give a befitting reply to Anupama.

Anupama explained to Babu ji

Anupama is preparing for her children’s dance competition with Bo. Then Babu ji also comes and starts helping both of them. When Anupama refuses, Babu ji sadly says that she has given 20 lakh loan. In such a situation, let us help you with 20 paise. Anupama convinces Babu ji to stop being sad like this. Anupama says that she has also given the factory. The dance academy and cafe for which he is working so hard. Then how could he save her? Bow says Vanraj is also applying for a loan. Then Anupama asks Baa to go to Pakhi.

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Anupama Kinchal shocked by Toso’s behavior

Nandani then tells Tosho and Kinchal to come on time. There is a dance performance of Pakhi in the evening. Tosho says that he cannot come. He has a meeting. On hearing this, Kinchal gets angry that she knew that there is a function in Pakhi’s school. So he could keep his meeting accordingly. Tells Tosh that it is necessary that he should also sit there and applaud. An argument escalates between Kinchal and Toshho.

happy paakhi with kavya

Then Kavya brings Pakhi and starts grooming her. Kavya applies a mask on Pakhi’s face and starts making her hair. The whole family is shocked to see Pakhi happy with Kavya. Anupama likes this very much. Kavya dances with Pakhi and seeing Anupama, she tells her daughter to separate from him.

( PrecapBabu ji takes a big decision after seeing Pakhi’s growing misbehavior. Babu ji tells the whole family that whoever will go to see his dance in the Pakhi function. He won’t talk to anyone. Babu ji says that he has insulted his mother. After sending Anupama to school, Babu ji locks the door.)

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