Anupama 9th July Written Updates Kavya Mother In Law Support Her

Anupama 9th July Written Updates Kavya Mother In Law Support Her
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Anupama 9th July Written Updates Kavya Mother In Law Support Her

Anupama 9th July Written Updates Kavya Mother In Law Support Her

New Delhi. The show ‘Anupama’ is on track for Kavya and Vanraj to lose their jobs. Kavya is very upset about losing her job and creates a lot of ruckus. She blames Anupama and the entire family for losing her job. At the same time, Kinchal is advised by his mother to separate from the family. Know what will happen tonight in the latest episode of Anupama.

Kavya accuses Anupama of losing her job

Where Anupama supports Kavya when she leaves her job. On the other hand, Kavya blames Anupama for losing her job because of her. Kavya says that Anupama was looking at her husband earlier. After that he glanced at his job. Kavya tells the whole family about Anupama. At the same time, Bow replies to Kavya that she is the thief of her mind, so she is feeling like this. Bo tells how Poora is saddened by the loss of her job, but she can’t see it. Kavya got angry on Anupama very badly.

Kavya got angry on Kinchle too

Kavya blames everyone for losing her job. She even tells Kinchle that she didn’t even see her promotion and put her job at stake. Kavya also accuses Kinchle of not helping her. Hearing this, Rakhi Dave starts narrating to Kavya.

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Vanraj replied

Kavya is blaming the entire family for the loss of her job. She says that the whole family looked at her job. Because of which he lost his job. Then Vanraj says that then you are Kavya because of the closure of his cafe. Vanraj tells Kavya how he had a lot of trouble with his cafe. How she used to taunt him over talk. Hearing this, Kavya gets furious and goes to her room crying.

Rakhi Dave offered Vanraj a job

Rakhi Dave offers Vanraj to work in his company again after losing his job. Which Vanraj refuses to do. Hearing this, Rakhi Dave says that now all the responsibilities of the house will fall on Tosho and Kinchal and Anupama’s salary goes to buy vegetables only. Hearing this, Tosho and Kinchal say that they should not worry about their family. Anupama Rakhi explains to Dave that the middle classes know how to handle themselves.

bit sad

Kavya also gets very sad after hearing the words of mother Rakhi Dave. Anupama Rakhi asks Dave to leave the house. As soon as Rakhi leaves Dave, Kinchal starts crying by hugging Anupama. Seeing Anupama sad, Nandani and Samar say that today was such a big day for their mother and it all happened.

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Kinchle shares his heartfelt talk with Toso

Kinchal shares her heart with Toshho. Kinchal tells that Kavya is definitely like that but she is very good at work. Kinchal is deeply saddened by Kavya losing her job. Tosho explains to Kinchle that he should now work on his upcoming projects and compensate the company for the loss.

Vanraj expressed pain

Sitting alone, Vanraj is engrossed in the loss of his job. Then Babu ji comes and gives courage to Vanraj and explains that there are ups and downs in life. Vanraj cries a lot by hugging Babu ji. He says that this is the result of his bad deeds. Babuji explains to Vanraj that he did not fail in life for the first time. Babuji reminds Vanraj from his school days how he could not give the paper once due to a broken hand and later topped it. Babu ji gives a lot of courage to Vanraj and again gives courage to move forward in life.

Kavya got Bau’s support

Where on one hand Babu ji gives courage to Vanraj. On the other hand, Bow goes to Kavya. Bow goes to Kavya and consoles her. Kavya makes Bo sit beside her and falls asleep with her head on his lap. Along with this, Bo also prays to God to take away the sufferings of her children.

Rakhi Dave advised Kinchal to part ways

Rakhi explains to Dave Kinchle over a video call that she should go to live in a separate house with Toshho. Rakhi tells Dave Kinchal that she still has days to party and hang out, but she is stuck there. Also she tells that he had bought a pant house for her. which is his. Kinchal explains to her mother that in this way her entire family will be broken. Rakhi repeatedly tells Dave Kinchal to stay away from the family. Anupama hears this. Seeing this, Kinchle gets quite surprised.

( PrecapAfter leaving the job, Kavya decides to find a job for Vanraj along with herself. On the other hand, Anupama runs to Vanraj and gives him the idea of ​​a new job. )

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