Anushey Ashraf in support of Afghanistan

Anushey Ashraf in support of Afghanistan
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Anushey Ashraf in support of Afghanistan

Anushey Ashraf in support of Afghanistan

Pakistan is happy with the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. Outraged by the Taliban’s occupation, Pakistan has begun to support and recognize this brutal force. Voices are rising from Pakistan, which is trying to convince the world of the Taliban’s changed face and promises of a message of peace. While the general population in Afghanistan is worried about leaving everything behind and fleeing to another country, Pakistan leaves no stone unturned in praising the Taliban. Famous Pakistani VJ, anchor and actress Anushey Ashraf has written an emotional post for Afghanistan in which she has strongly washed away those who raise their voices in support of the Taliban.

Anushey Ashraf has written a long note in this post and shared many memories of the beautiful times she spent in Afghanistan in the form of pictures. Anushe Ashraf wrote in his post, ‘A glimpse of my beautiful journey in Afghanistan. I am lucky that in 2016 I had the opportunity to visit Kabul, Herat, Mazar Sharif etc. for a TV show. Once it aired on the channel, my inbox was filled with the love and fans of the people of Afghanistan, who complimented me, my work and many other Pakistani artists. ‘

Anushka further wrote, ‘On the second trip I met the girls who wanted to cycle for the Olympics, the boys who just wanted to be the next Messi, I met the imams in the mosques who gave me love, respect and prayers.

She added, “I met many amazing TV hosts who were living in stressful situations but were excited about starting a new game show. I met writers and poets. I met thousands of children, who looked beautiful despite the push. They were just like you and me and today they are helpless and homeless. It doesn’t make the government (corrupt dense) or the Americans my heroes, but is the Taliban good? So stop your hatred. This time, whoever leads the nation, the country is still in crisis and the lives of the people are disrupted again. This is not right. ‘

Anusha writes, ‘No one wants to leave their home and live like a refugee. Check out the second last picture in this series. I took photos of all of them. These are human beings who dream. Please ask yourself why you have become so strict that you abuse people instead of allowing them to breathe. Give them (these liberals) titles, please be kind. Be a true Muslim on the inside, then you will never hate anyone in this world. These people in power are saying for sure that they want peace, but for most people peace comes only on their terms.

Anushe wrote at the end of this post, ‘Surrender is peace. A single life and their true dreams do not come to mind. If you think it is (good), I remind you that these innocent people are losing their right to be free because of their agenda, politics, power and the greed of these leaders. Nothing more. The Taliban say it is ready to develop and give women and children their rights. Don’t let them be heroes anymore. He says he has learned from the past, but only time will tell. Tonight I will speak to all my Afghan friends, you are in my prayers. Humanity is first.

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