Apply … Carefully – How to Apply at US Universities

Apply … Carefully – How to Apply at US Universities
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Apply … Carefully – How to Apply at US Universities

Apply … Carefully – How to Apply at US Universities

Anil J. Jacob

You need to do some preparation before entering a university or college in the United States. The most important thing in this is to check that you need to have a basic standard of application process. Before proceeding, keep these things in mind –

First of all, make sure that the university you are applying for is accredited by the Higher Education Accreditation Council (CHEA) ( and the US Department of Education ( Yes. This is important to do, as it indicates the amount of teacher you are going to study. It also determines the infrastructure of the campus. Your study will be of any value only by studying in a fully accredited institution. When you leave after studying, the employer also checks to see if the place where you studied has been identified. If you think that you will go abroad and graduate from any institution and you will get a job in India, then it is a misunderstanding to think so.

Students going abroad from India for study depend on professional recruitment agents, who fix commissions in exchange for university services. Most of the time you don’t know which university these agents are sending you to just for money. This simply means that you do not have much choice. For this, first you decide the organization yourself, it will be better where you want to enter. You can find information about it on this site. (good search engine for undergraduate studies) (for postgraduate studies)

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Options required to match
If you are an agent, be sure to pay attention to these things. What are your education and career requirements? There are 4000 accredited institutions in the USA that offer higher education. You have no shortage of choices. Test the choices your service agent makes to suit your needs. If they do not meet your needs, then there is no point in going to those institutions. Another important thing. American universities operate on the principles of the Code of Honor. So your service agent has asked you to write an application to check the entry. If this essay was written by someone else, you could jeopardize your admission process. The work done by another in his name is not valued in America. Standard tests like SAT, TOEFL, GRE or GMAT are very high. But many organizations don’t even need them. Even the US embassy often doesn’t ask you that. Many agents call them unnecessary. But you still have to check if you are applying for a non-academic course. What is asked of you depends on the different courses. This should be checked from the university website.

Vocational courses
If you are applying for an American MBA, make sure your institution is accredited by the American Association for Collegiate Schools of Business ( It should also be on the Department of Education website. Similarly, other businesses have their own beliefs. They need to be investigated.

(The author is a Senior Education USA consultant, United States India Educational Foundation, New Delhi)

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