Arbaaz Khan Pinch Talk Show: Arbaaz Khan Talks About Talk Show His Wedding Plan Tweaks And About Salman Khan

Arbaaz Khan Pinch Talk Show: Arbaaz Khan Talks About Talk Show His Wedding Plan Tweaks And About Salman Khan
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Arbaaz Khan Pinch Talk Show: Arbaaz Khan Talks About Talk Show His Wedding Plan Tweaks And About Salman Khan

Arbaaz Khan Pinch Talk Show: Arbaaz Khan Talks About Talk Show His Wedding Plan Tweaks And About Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan is currently in the spotlight due to season two of his ‘Pinch’ show. Arbaaz is back in the show hosting chair. In Pinch, well-known celebs talk about topics like trolling and cyber bullying. Arbaaz launched the first episode of Pinch Season 2 with Salman Khan. Celebrities like Ayushman Khurana, Ananya Pandey, Kiara Advani, Farah Khan will be seen in it. Special conversation with Arbaaz.

You will once again be seen as the host of the second season of your talk show ‘Pinch’. Who is the ideal host for you?
When you are the host, you have to contact your guest. If there is a senior actor in front, your attitude is different and if someone is your age, your comfort zone is different. The host has to test several things at once. If we talk about the host of the star related talk show, Karan Da is that all the stars speak openly. He is the originator of such a show. Karan was the only person who started a talk show related to the stars and the big stars would come and talk about their hearts. He has always been inspiring. Matching his standards was no less of a challenge for me too. Luckily people liked my show. No one thought he could handle the stars. Some of my personality also contributes to this and some of these artists also have a love for me. Although I could not become Salman Khan, but everyone respects me a lot as a co-star.

You said you wanted to bring a megastar to their show, besides which international person would you like to invite as a guest?
Oprah Winfrey is the greatest host in the world. We never saw him give interviews. If he came to our show, there would be confusion.

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Your show is based on trolling and cyber bullying. What tweaks most around you?
I feel like nothing tweaks me professionally. Whatever you say about my work is your opinion. You have every right to decide on my work. If you find my work and communication useless, well, it will. Things in my personal life, like I don’t like to sit and get dressed, I’ll manage that too. I don’t care, but when you target my family members, children because of me, you hurt, you go after them. I want to hurt you when you slander or target people close to me. It sounds bad, but now we also understand that there is no point in burning blood behind it. There is no jail or punishment for those who speak like that on social media. Nor will he apologize. I used to love reading comments by posting, but now I don’t see posting. I try to ignore the trolls. But when people say that you are being written about, that you are being trolled, it feels bad, because the media also prints stories from there and you wonder what happened? We should all learn to handle them.

Talking about your family is considered an example of bondage. Who do you attribute this to?

To your father He has kept us all connected. He has always guided us with his experiences. Then our father’s children and family were such that we were all bound to each other. All parents want their children to live together, but how many can actually live together. We all love each other so much.

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Your son Arhan has turned 18 today. What are your challenges to fatherhood now?
Parents’ challenges to their children vary with age. Just look at my mother, she is still sitting at the window waiting for Salman. Salman lives on the ground floor and she lives on the first floor. When he goes to shoot, it takes him 2-3 o’clock at night to come back. So the mother is only worried that the child has not come, he would have eaten or not? Salman is still a bachelor, isn’t he? He may have girlfriends in the world, but for a mother she is just her children. Even after seeing so much success, does the mother still worry about whether her sleep is complete or not? What will happen to him? Salman is over fifty, but mom still thinks about him, so we are too. Our son should be 18 or 80 years old. Even at the age of 100, we would think of her as the one she needs most at that moment in her life.

Even after being separated from Malaika, were you always there for the kids?
This is our mutual opinion. We are separated, but our children are one, aren’t they? Children are now at that age that we should think about them. We want our children to be independent and they don’t need us. Now those people are small, so we make decisions for them. We want to have a stage when they make their own decisions. Tomorrow, when they start living their lives on their own terms, we will guide them. We are engaged in his training.

Salman is also a guest in this show. How much did Salman benefit you in this show?

Being Salman’s brother, being his star benefited me. When someone in your house is too big, it’s just an excuse that I couldn’t leave because of it. If you have the courage, no one can stop you from moving forward. Karisma’s sister Kareena has passed away today, hasn’t she? Karisma was such a big star, but Kareena went ahead of her. When we don’t succeed, we just look for excuses that I didn’t move forward because of that, I stayed because of that. I am happy where I am. I am slowly making progress.

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You said about Salman that everyone wants to know when his wedding will take place? But we want to know from you what are your wedding plans?
Not now. It could happen in the future, it could happen anytime. There is no excuse that once married, it cannot happen again. When that happens, it will happen. Don’t think too much about it now.

Have you heard that you are going to do a movie with TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s daughter Palak?
Yes, this is a super natural thriller. The shooting is going on in Lucknow. I have left shooting for the promotion of ‘Pinch 2’. I haven’t started shooting with Palak yet. The next schedule I will do with Palak. In addition, I will be appearing in the web series ‘Upload’. OTT has proven to be a very good platform as a new modus operandi of cinema.

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