Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema: From OK Computer, Anukul to Enthiran, Andorid Kunjapan

Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema: From OK Computer, Anukul to Enthiran, Andorid Kunjapan
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Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema: From OK Computer, Anukul to Enthiran, Andorid Kunjapan

Human civilisation is at the moment witnessing an astronomical rupture in the established order of society, owing to the introduction of Artificial Intelligence. Whereas growth of AI has been represented in cinema on the international degree, the identical stays negligible in India.

However the negligibility doesn’t quantity to absolute absence of illustration. There have been motion pictures which have tried to entice fashionable consideration in the direction of the sector. The earliest cinematic work in Indian themed on AI was the 2010 Tamil film Ethiran or Robotic. The film gained fame in fashionable tradition and was a blockbuster. The explanations had been apparent as each the protagonist (Dr Vasikaran) and antagonist (Chitti the Humanoid) had been essayed by Tamil celebrity Rajinikanth. Other than the stardom of Rajinikanth, it had Bollywood celebrity Aishwarya Rai Bacchan taking part in the function of the protagonist’s girlfriend. The film additionally had the proper mix of motion, comedy, and particular results, with the robotic altering shapes, preventing with helicopters, and all that which may make the viewer expertise hyper-reality.

The film had a tremendous message, which in fact was forward of its time, and has not been mentioned a lot in fashionable discourse. The very identify of the humanoid was Chitti, which implies consciousness in Indian languages. The film very subtly talks about a drawback which was gaining prominence at the moment all through the world concerning the expansion of AI. These machines are clever, and may study, adapt, and reply to the modifications round them and act accordingly, thus bringing them nearer to people and blurring the excellence between people and machines. The film personified this dilemma, via Chitti falling in love with a human. The film additionally displayed the dystopian parts associated to expertise, when Chitti is reconstructed by Danny Denzongpa’s character, tends to avenge Dr Vasi, and goes past human management.

Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema From OK Computer Anukul to Enthiran Andorid Kunjapan

Rajinikanth in Enthiran

In 2017, seven years after Robotic, one other movie which mirrored AI and its social as nicely as politico-economic implications was a quick movie primarily based on Satyajit Ray’s story Anukul, directed by Sujoy Ghosh. It featured Saurabh Shukla as a discovered faculty trainer, who lives alone and will get an Android robotic named Anukul to care for his family chores. The quick movie raises numerous questions pertaining to the technological shift. It portrays the issue of the altering nature of labor when clever machines displace human labour via the character of Ratan, the youthful brother of Nikunj. His frustration in the direction of Anukul when he first meets him is obvious. Because the film unfolds, it opens up the doorways for viewers to ponder the moral and decision-making aspect of the AI. The climax sees the machine kill Ratan with a low voltage electrical shock. The film urges one to mull over the probabilities of AI’s coexistence with people.

Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema From OK Computer Anukul to Enthiran Andorid Kunjapan

Saurabh Shukla and Parambrata Chattopadhyay in Anukul

The subsequent film that depicts the creativeness round AI is the 2019 Malayalam flick Android Kunjapan model 5.25. The film begins with a quote from scientist Stephen Hawking, “Artificial Intelligence will destroy human civilisation,” thus setting the ball rolling for the query: How a lot expertise is sufficient expertise? The protagonist is Subramaniam, an engineer dwelling along with his father Bhaskaran in his village. Subramaniam will get a job provide in Russia and strikes there, leaving his father alone in the village. Because the story strikes ahead, Subramaniam will get a robotic to care for his father from Russia. Initially, Bhaskaran, who’s strictly old-fashioned in the direction of using expertise or any facet of contemporary lifestyle, is reluctant to adapt with the robotic. However finally, he will get so immersed into the machine that he begins treating him like his son, will get garments stitched for the machine, and even will get its horoscope checked!

The film captures the flexibility of the machine to adapt as per necessities to people, understanding delicate needs, feelings, and behavioural facets of human assemble, which even different people don’t. Perhaps we, as people, can’t adapt as simply since every of us is just not one however many. All of us exist as trans-individuals in the multitude that we share with our environment. This trans-individual nature of people typically restricts us to our biases, preferences, and feelings. However, the machine tends to be one with the particular person, matches the wavelength of the multitude inside which that particular person exists.

The film ends when Subramaniam has to return the robotic to the corporate as it was on trial interval however the father is reluctant to do this and runs away with the robotic. Ultimately, the robotic withdraws itself, making Bhaskaran realise that it’s simply a machine programmed to assist people. 

Artificial Intelligence grows as a ripe theme in Indian cinema From OK Computer Anukul to Enthiran Andorid Kunjapan

Nonetheless from Android Kunjapan

The latest cinematic illustration of AI in India is the Disney+ Hotstar VIP present OK Pc by Anand Gandhi. The socio-politcial satire takes under consideration numerous views in the direction of expertise as we enter into the India of 2031. These embody tech conservationism and environmentalism, fronted by Jackie Shroff as Pushpak Shakur, the chief of an organisation named Jigyasu Jagriti Manch, which suspects technological growth as a takeover of the human society we reside in. We witness totally different views of tech accelerationists, in the type of optimists like Radhika Apte’s character as nicely as the the perils of tech capitalism in the sequence.

Revolving round a homicide thriller, the sequence additionally takes a philosophical dig on the societies of tomorrow, which might be dominated by AI. The sequence personifies totally different ranges of consciousness in the factitious clever robots. Some are acutely aware on the extent of demand and provide of labor they’re assigned, some are merchandise of self-conscious synthetic intelligence, after which there’s the protagonist Ajeeb, who’s each politically and philosophically acutely aware. The sequence additionally portrays the existential and absurdist nature of the post-human societies, which may exist in the longer term if we take the behavioural facets of the current characters.

As we witness the unfolding of AI and its implications in society, there can be extra facets which might tempt the human creativeness to ponder upon, from the concepts of surveillance and management societies to the concepts of human-machine singularities, and different speculations which may take us past that. As expertise progresses, the area of AI shall stay a ripe floor for human thoughts to discover and signify in the type of artwork and cinema in order to join with the favored tradition.

Anshuman is a analysis scholar at Delhi College, engaged on Algorithms and their sociological and politico-economic implications.


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