Arvind Trivedi took 20 to slap Hema Malini

Arvind Trivedi took 20 to slap Hema Malini
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Arvind Trivedi took 20 to slap Hema Malini

Arvind Trivedi took 20 to slap Hema Malini

Actor Arvind Trivedi, who was famous for playing the role of Ravana in Ramanand Sagar’s hit series ‘Ramayana’, has recently passed away. Arvind Trivedi had been ill for a long time and died of a heart attack on Tuesday night. Arvind Trivedi had done many films and series before playing the role of Ravana.

He had a distinct identity in the Gujarati theater. But the popularity that Arvind Trivedi got by becoming ‘Ravan’ is unmatched by any other actor playing the role of Ravana.

20 slapped Hema Malini

Ramanand Sagar’s son Prem Sagar recently remembered Arvind Trivedi and shared stories related to him. He told a story related to the movie ‘Hum Tere Aashiq Hain’. Hema Malini and Arvind Trivedi were in the film. Prem Sagar said, ‘Arvind Trivedi was in the role of a villain in that film. In one scene, he had to slap Hema Malini. Arvind Trivedi took 20 takes to make that scene. When Hema and I asked him to do a scene forgetting that Hema Malini is a star. Then he did that scene.

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Auditions for ‘Ravan’ were given between ‘Vikram and Battle’

Apart from Hema Malini, the film also stars Jitendra, Amjad Khan, Sujit Kumar, Om Shivpuri and Keshto Mukherjee. The 1979 film became a hit. After this, Prem Sagar told a story related to Arvind Trivedi in the TV show ‘Vikram Aur Betal’. Before playing the role of Ravana in ‘Ramayana’, Arvind Trivedi had played an important role in ‘Vikram aur Betal’. Arvind Trivedi was also tested for Ravana during the same serial.

Arvind Trivedi was a master of technology

Remembering that, Prem Sagar said, ‘We worked again in’ Vikram Aur Battle ‘. I contracted him for a technical role. He (Arvind Trivedi) told me that he would present the Havan scene in a special way. I thought he was talking like that, but in reality he was technically aware. During ‘Vikram aur Betal’ we tested him for the role of Ravana.

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Prem Sagar said that Arvind Trivedi was the best ‘Ravan’ ever. No one else can play the way he portrayed Ravana. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and used to recite the entire Shiva Tandava hymn in Sanskrit. Prem Sagar said that he had brought Arvind Trivedi out of Gujarati theater. He was there under the shadow of brother Upendra Trivedi, who was a big star at the time.

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