Aryan Khan bail hearing details: Neither Ncb won nor Satish Maneshinde

Aryan Khan bail hearing details: Neither Ncb won nor Satish Maneshinde
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Aryan Khan bail hearing details: Neither Ncb won nor Satish Maneshinde

Aryan Khan bail hearing details: Neither Ncb won nor Satish Maneshinde

The beginning of October has been very bad for Shah Rukh Khan’s family. In fact, on the night of October 2, Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan was caught at a drugs party on a cruise in Mumbai during an NCB raid and was later sent to NCB custody. Eight accused, including Aryan Khan, were produced in court on bail on Thursday and all were remanded in judicial custody for 14 days. Earlier, the NCB had sought custody of all the accused till October 11. At the same time, Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde did his best to get bail for his client. But Justice R.M. Nerlikar’s court ultimately ruled that neither the NCB was remanded nor Satish Manshinde could save Aryan from going to jail. Let’s understand what happened in the court in a sequential manner …

When the court hearing began, Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Anil Singh said 17 people had been arrested so far. Achit Kumar was arrested by the NCB on the testimony of Aryan Khan. In such a situation, the two need to be interrogated face to face. The ASG said that the remand period needs to be extended for further investigation and considering the seriousness of the crime. The investigation is at a stage where the two need to be brought face to face. The custody of both the accused is necessary considering the allegations and the facts. The ASG said one person cannot be separated from another. The purpose of this law is to stop the gang permanently.

Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Manshinde said that considering Aryan’s case, on the first day, he immediately agreed to remand for another day, as this would lead to some development in the case. But nothing happened except a few more arrests. As far as Aryan’s question is concerned, the authorities have asked nothing but questions related to his stay abroad.

Satish Manshinde said that if anyone was arrested on the basis of Aryan Khan’s statement, then some senior officer involved in the investigation should have made sure that it was the same person, whether Aryan belonged to him or not, but nothing like this has happened till now. Is. Yesterday, when he arrested Achit Kumar, he wanted Aryan to face him. It remains to be seen whether Achit is really related to Arbaaz or Aryan. But officials did not do so. As such, there should not be a single face-to-face basis for seeking remand.

Will Aryan Khan get bail or go to jail?

Satish Manshinde said that the authorities took his mobile from Aryan. They have nothing to do with the organizers. Aryan does not deny that Arbaaz is his friend. Aryan has asked questions only on the basis of chat. Achit is the only person Aryan has to face and be interrogated. It can happen anytime, any day. This can happen even after Aryan is granted bail.

Satish Manshinde said that Aryan Khan was not interrogated for two nights, so why does he need to be interrogated in cell now? Satish Manshinde said why should he be given a cell? As far as I know, so far no one has been interrogated sitting in front of Aryan. No drugs found. There was nothing in Aryan’s bag. Also Aryan did not tamper with his phone. When the NCB has done nothing so far, what will it do next?

Satish Manshinde said that the NCB has been consistently saying that they want to reach out to the main accused, if so why Aryan is being kept as a nurse, he has not been able to catch the main accused yet. Putting everything else aside, Aryan has spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. So far no significant progress has been made in this regard. If there are no charges against Aryan. If anyone is concerned about the supply of literature, Aryan has not bought it from anyone. I think once the case goes into the diary, there is no need to increase the custody, this will also be observed by the court.

The ASG asked the court to read Aryan Khan’s statement. We have been raiding major suppliers since 12.30. They have just been caught. The entire group has been captured since October 3rd. We arrested Achit Kumar yesterday. A foreign national has since been arrested and now another. We are only investigating the main case. In this investigation we are getting information from more people. As the Supreme Court has said, recovery is not important here. Information is important. We do not want to waste court time. We need the remand of everyone so that the investigation can go ahead. We want to give questions and answers to all the accused together. The question of getting all these people in one place is important.

Satish Maneshinde said that the next day the plaintiff showed some conversation. On this ASG said I show chat. Then Satish Manshinde said when did you download the chat? Chats are about football, football has no drugs. Nowhere in the chat does it prove that these 14-15 people are related to each other.

The judge in court said that, on the basis of the submission and remand report, the essence is that the NCB has sought custody of the accused. She wants to face him with Achit Kumar. Achit’s name was revealed by Arbaaz Merchant and Aryan Khan. He also wants to face accused No. 9 and other accused, who were arrested on October 6 and remanded. I don’t want to get into the question of why it takes an officer so long to arrest an accused. Given the timing of Achit’s arrest, when both Aryan and Achit were in the custody of the NCB, they were not questioned until they appeared in court. Further, the NCB rightly argued that the details of the investigation must be indicated and that this is not reflected in the remand. Therefore, for vague reasons in the remand application, the custody of each accused cannot be extended. Therefore, all the 8 accused have been remanded in judicial custody.

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