Best 5 Valorant tips and tricks for beginners

Best 5 Valorant tips and tricks for beginners
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Best 5 Valorant tips and tricks for beginners

If you’re playing Valorant for the first time, everything will be confusing and tiring. That’s why we want to share these top 5 tips and tricks to help you faster. Valorant is a game that encourages support, communication, and coordination. It doesn’t need your singular effort to win since you will play alongside the other 4 players that form your team. So, always learn to plan together and execute actions, whether as the attackers or defenders.



But even if you’re playing as a team, your efforts are necessary to support the team’s objectives. So, use the tips and tricks we will share below to contribute more. Also, check out for amazing tools to simplify the game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Valorant

1.    Set your mouse well

If you don’t have enough control over your mouse pointer, you’re going to mess up a lot. So, before you start playing this game, optimize your mouse sensitivity. The two settings can be high or low, but it depends on what you can manage.

If you’re setting it at lower sensitivity, it means you will make more accurate aims and precise shots. This is because at low sensitivity, you can use your arm to control the movement of the cursor instead of just your palm. But when using higher sensitivity, everything spirals out of control at a mere touch of the palm on the mouse. For a beginner, it will become difficult to aim and shoot rightly.

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Another setting to touch is the mouse acceleration. Before playing the game, check if the setting is ON to turn it OFF. When you do that, your aiming precision will also improve a lot.

2.    Understand the agents

Valorant has 16 agents/playable characters that will help you win the challenges. These agents include Omen, Brimstone, Cypher, Viper, KAY/IO, Sova, Raze, Sage, Astra, Phoenix, Yoru, Breach, Killjoy, Reyna, Omen, and Jett. Each of these agents is special and offers diverse abilities, skills and strengths. Who you choose to play in the game will determine the contributions you’ll make to your team. So, take your time to study them and understand how to utilize their strengths.

For instance, Omen can teleport and diffuse the bomb; Phoenix uses her flames to destroy enemies and also use it to heal when there are damages. Raze comes with an ability known as “Boom Bot” that damages enemies on impact. Other agents have their special abilities, too, and you need to know the optimal way to utilize them. Moreover, try to learn more than one agent to become a versatile Valorant player.

3.    Visit the Practice Range

If you don’t practice a skill, you will surely not master it. For example, one of the first things to learn in FPS games is how to shoot to kill. This implies that your aim must always be accurate to deal with that headshot on your enemy. The skill is not easy to master, and that’s why you need to practice it. Thankfully, Valorant has a mode where you can practice better. This Range will help you improve your aim and also fight better.

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Another thing to practice is crosshair placement and customizations. Try to learn everything you can find about it and equip yourself better. According to pro players, placing your crosshairs at the enemy’s head is usually a surefire way of landing a headshot.

4.    Always peek corners with another player.

Do you know that peeking corners in Valorant can be very dangerous? It’s like going into a dark place without knowing what’s inside. This is why pro players recommend doing it with other teammates to avoid sudden death.

Once you approach a corner, both of you should peek simultaneously to protect each other.  Each person should peek in from different sides so that the enemy will suddenly face 2 of you at once. Don’t wait for one person to peek and die before you take action. Attack once and kill whoever that’s hiding in the corner before he says Jack!.

5.    Utilize Movements and Sounds Properly

These two actions can make or mar you in Valorant. The first one is movement and how it can affect your game. New players usually prefer walking in Valorant to avoid making noise. While that is all good, try to add it up with running when you must distract the enemy or change location fast.

Secondly, sounds come from many actions such as running, shooting, or jumping. So, you can use it to identify the enemies’ location once you listen to them. That’s why you need good headphones to maximize the sounds. But also, make sure that you protect yourself when making sounds so that the enemies will not use them against you too.

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6.   Conclusion

Every beginner struggles with Valorant for some time before performing well. So, if you’re in that position, use the tips and tricks above to change the narratives. Always understand the agent you pick and make sure your mouse is set very well. Don’t forget to use the practice range and always peek corners with someone.

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