Best build for Eula in Genshin Impact

Best build for Eula in Genshin Impact

The bizarre Event banners in Genshin Impression like now been circled and Eula has formally joined the sport.

Canonically, Eula is a member of the Knights of Favonius, the place she acts as a result of the captain of the Reconnaissance Firm. She mentions “vengeance” pretty barely, most notably in her efforts to reclaim her household’s historic glory.

As a now-playable character, Eula is most actually probably the most absolutely alternate selections a participant can should personal a indispensable DPS slot.

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Best kind for Eula for most effectiveness in Genshin Impression

Eula is a claymore-wielding Cryo character who offers in depth bodily anguish and has an especially phenomenal Elemental Burst. Her absolutely builds, esteem with some different DPS characters in Genshin Impression, focal stage on buffing her assault and Bodily Injury.

Best weapons for Eula

Eula’s signature weapon, Tune of Damaged Pines, is the absolutely in-slot choice for the weird character.

The bizarre Claymore permits its clients to stack Sigil of Whispers when touchdown standard and charged assaults. When 4 Sigils are stacked, all of them are frail to enlarge event members’ ATK and ATK SPD. The weapon additionally will improve ATK by 16%, and this buff will improve as a result of the weapon is refined.

Additionally, the Tune of Damaged Pines has absolutely the prime terrifying ATK for any weapon throughout the recreation so a great distance, and its secondary substat will improve Bodily Injury, making the weapon a plentiful match for Eula.

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Song of Broken Pines (Image via undiscovery CH)
Tune of Damaged Pines (Picture by undiscovery CH)

Avid avid gamers who don’t want on the weird weapon banner soundless like plenty of alternate selections. Naturally, Wolf’s Gravestone householders can soundless recount their legendary claymore with Eula. It’s been regarded universally as a result of the absolutely claymore throughout the recreation (although which can now commerce). Wolf’s Gravestone lacks in terrifying ATK when when put subsequent with different 5-smartly-known particular person claymores, nonetheless the 20% ATK improve and teamwide ATK-boosting means invent it viable for any main DPS.

Wolf’s Gravestone (image via based diluc)
Wolf’s Gravestone (picture by based mostly fully diluc)

Eula may maybe maybe additionally additionally work efficiently with some four-smartly-known particular person claymores. The Serpent Backbone will allow her to deal extra anguish as she spends extra time on the realm, and since she’s a indispensable DPS, she wishes to be on the realm pretty barely. Sadly, this claymore additionally will improve the anguish taken, nonetheless Eula’s Grimheart stacks will advantage counterbalance this debuff.

Serpent Spine (image via Genshin Impact)
Serpent Backbone (picture by Genshin Impression)

Eula may maybe maybe additionally additionally invent plentiful recount of the free and craftable Snow-Tombed Starsilver. Upon hits with standard and charged assaults, this claymore assuredly damages enemies with a falling icicle, dealing vastly extra anguish to enemies struggling from Cryo. Since Eula can recount her Elemental Means and Burst skills to infuse Cryo into her enemies, the Snow-Tombed Starsilver makes for a obedient F2P choice.

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Best artifacts for Eula

The absolutely artifact put of residing to be geared up onto Eula is the weird Gentle Flame put of residing that debuted with mannequin 1.5’s unlock.

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The Gentle Flame artifacts improve Bodily Injury by 25% with a two-piece put of residing geared up. With a four-piece put of residing, the character will get ATK buffs upon hits with their Elemental Means. This attain can stack twice and with two stacks, the two-piece put of residing buff is doubled.

Pale Flame artifact set bonuses (image via game8)
Gentle Flame artifact put of residing bonuses (picture by game8)

Since Eula is clearly constructed to be the important DPS, she depends hundreds on her Bodily DMG output. The Gentle Flame put of residing is the absolutely contrivance to reliably enlarge a personality’s Bodily DPS capabilities.

Genshin Impression avid avid gamers may maybe maybe additionally additionally hit upon at Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts to buff up Bodily DMG. The four-piece put of residing is absolutely buffs charged assaults, which isn’t very marvelous for Eula. Nonetheless, the two-piece put of residing bonus is the equal as that of the Gentle Flame put of residing, rising Bodily Injury by 25%. So, using a two-piece put of residing of Gentle Flame and a two-piece put of residing of Bloodstained Chivalry is an environment friendly artifact mixture for Eula.

Bloodstained Chivalry artifact set bonuses (image via game8)
Bloodstained Chivalry artifact put of residing bonuses (picture by game8)

Relating to Eula’s artifact stats and substats, avid avid gamers will prefer to prioritize ATK %, Crit Value and Crit Injury. A Goblet that buffs Bodily Injury shall be urged.

This glass-cannon contrivance is whole amongst DPS characters in Genshin Impression, and Eula won’t be any longer any exception. Her meta gameplay focuses on Bodily Injury, so Elemental Mastery isn’t very important. Elemental Recharge helps Eula since her Burst is so phenomenal, nonetheless anguish-centered stats soundless work better for DPS.

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