Bhagalpur College Dress Code: Bihar: Wavy hair banned in this college in Bihar, girls say Taliban Sharia law is not tolerated

Bhagalpur College Dress Code: Bihar: Wavy hair banned in this college in Bihar, girls say Taliban Sharia law is not tolerated
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Bhagalpur College Dress Code: Bihar: Wavy hair banned in this college in Bihar, girls say Taliban Sharia law is not tolerated

Bhagalpur College Dress Code: Bihar: Wavy hair banned in this college in Bihar, girls say Taliban Sharia law is not tolerated


  • Ban on wavy hair at SM College, Bhagalpur
  • Information related to the code code pasted outside the principal’s room
  • In Bhagalpur, the girls said they did not tolerate the Taliban Baria Act

In the prestigious and only women’s college Sundarvati Mahila Mahavidyalaya (SM College) of Bhagalpur, Principal Pvt. (Dr.) Raman Sinha has made a very strange decision in the name of the dress code issued for girls. At the same time, with the issuance of a new dress code for college interns (Session: 2021-23), information has been posted outside the principal’s room. The new dress code also gives some strict instructions to girls. Girls’ wavy and loose hair is banned. In addition, girls will be barred from taking selfies on college campuses. Girls are strongly advised to come to college with one or two braids in their hair instead of open wavy hair. Not only that, if anyone keeps their hair open, they will not be admitted to this college. The decision was taken by a committee of Sundarvati Mahila Mahavidyalaya (SM College) in Bhagalpur. On which the principal of the college Pvt. Raman Sinha has finally sealed it. Apart from this, many other suggestions have been issued for girls in the new dress code.

This controversial decree of the college administration relates to the new dress code
This Tughlaq edict of the SM College administration is actually related to the new dress code for 12th grade girls. According to college sources, SM College currently has around 1,500 girls enrolled in three faculties, namely Science, Commerce and Arts. For which recently Principal Pvt. Raman Sinha had set up a committee to decide the new dress code of the college. The committee has also made it mandatory to wear the royal blue kurti, white salwar, white dupatta, white suk, black shoe and two or one braid in the hair in the new season, while the royal blue blazer and cardigan in the winter. In the meantime, the instructions clearly state that admission to the college without a dress code will be prohibited. The girls have full consent to the rest of the rules of this new dress code, but there is huge resentment among the girls over the order to braid the hair, while some girls have welcomed the decision. One student has also thanked the college administration for the decision.


Principal Pvt. Raman Sinha has clearly, implemented a new dress code, also posted information, journalists have to write what they want.
SM College Principal Pvt. Raman Sinha said on the controversial decision regarding the new dress code, the decision has been taken. A notice in this regard has also been kept in the college. Now in such a situation girls have to follow this rule. At the same time, he said, the media and some students are giving him undue importance. The principal said that journalists should write what they want to write.

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Student RJD said that this Tughlaq order cannot be tolerated, the principal should take back this ridiculous decision, otherwise he will complain to the vice-chancellor.
Students of not only SM College but also many colleges of the university have started protesting against this decision of the new dress code of SM College administration. The students said the decision appeared to be in line with Taliban law. Student RJD University president Dilip Kumar Yadav said he welcomes the decision of the new dress code, but the ban on girls ’bare hair shows the bad mentality of the college administration. The principal should reverse this ridiculous decision soon, otherwise he will meet the vice-chancellor and complain about it, he said. Dilip Yadav said that Tilakmanjhi is also lucky that the Vice Chancellor of Bhagalpur University is a woman. But the manner in which girls’ open hair is being banned and there has been no response from the vice-chancellor is beyond comprehension. Former District President of Student Congress Student Wing NSUI Prashant Banerjee has also opposed the decision of the college administration. He said that after the end of the leave, the people of NSUI would meet the vice-chancellor and reverse the decision and demand relief to the principals. NSUI, on the other hand, will agitate vigorously if the Vice-Chancellor does not reverse the decision.


The decision was welcomed by Amrita Singh, head of ABVP’s TNB Law College
Amrita Singh, head of TMB Law College, has welcomed the decision of the college administration on the controversy that has arisen in the dress code case at SM College. He said that even from a scientific point of view, there is a problem with the case being exposed. The mind is restless and not even interested in the study. He said that after college education, everyone is free to wear whatever dress or hair they want. Amrita Singh thanked the principal and the college administration for the decision.

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TMBU colleges have objections to inter-study
In fact, TMBU’s colleges don’t like intermediate studies here. The college management has also written letters to the university administration several times to close inter-study in the colleges. At the same time, during the intermediate exams, there was a lot of controversy between the college administration and the district education department over something. The case was so heated that the college administration had written to the secretary of the Bihar board saying that he would not take the exam. As a result, the center superintendent of the college was made a teacher of other colleges. The college administration has argued that the NAAC team had presented the question at the time of assessment due to interdisciplinary study. Because of this, those people object to interdisciplinary study.

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It is a matter of pride to get admission in SM College, girls are competing for admission
SM College in Bhagalpur is the only girls’ college. Only girls fall here. So it is a matter of pride for the students to get admission here. Education here is considered better than other places. In addition, the university authorities are constantly on high alert. As the college is near the banks of the Ganges, the atmosphere here is also fragrant. The fresh air and coolness of the Ganges waves is a natural gift to this college. The police administration is keeping a tight vigil to prevent any untoward incidents on College Road.


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