Bharti Singh Reacts On Her Pay Cut, Says Everyone Felt The Pinch

Bharti Singh Reacts On Her Pay Cut, Says Everyone Felt The Pinch
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Bharti Singh Reacts On Her Pay Cut, Says Everyone Felt The Pinch

Bharti Singh Reacts On Her Pay Cut, Says Everyone Felt The Pinch

Mumbai. Corona lockdown has badly affected the entertainment industry like any other industry. The shooting of many TV shows and films remained closed during the lockdown. This caused financial loss to the producers and the artists. As a result of this, now the fees of artists are also being cut. It has been told in a report that the fees of comedian Bharti Singh have also been cut. Bharti has put forth her stand in this regard.

‘The cut in fees stings everyone, me too’
According to a report, the fees of Bharti Singh, who is currently hosting ‘Dance Deewane 3’, have been cut by 70 percent. Apart from this, 50 percent has been cut in the fees he was getting earlier in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, which will start soon. In a conversation with the Times of India, Bharti said, ‘I think everyone would have been stunned when asked about the cut in fees. I am no different. I talked a lot on this too. But when I realized what I saw last year and this year, I realized that so much work has stopped. TV and shows are not getting sponsors, so from where does the channel bring money. Once we get a good rating, the sponsors will automatically come back and our fees will also increase.

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‘Technician’s money should not be deducted’
In the conversation, Bharti said, ‘So many years we work on a channel and they listen to our every word, so today when they are asking for help from the front, I don’t think any artist would have refused. I know everyone’s money is being deducted. I feel that those who are technicians on the sets, their money should not be deducted. We work together and are trying to recover together. So I don’t think anybody will face any problem due to low fees.

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How much do the actors of The Kapil Sharma Show get paid?
The actors of the popular comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ are paid different fees. According to a report in DNA, Kapil Sharma gets Rs 50 lakh per episode, Krushna Abhishek gets Rs 10 to 12 lakh, Chandan Prabhakar gets Rs 7 lakh, Kiku Sharda gets Rs 5 lakh, Bharti Singh gets Rs 10 to 12 lakh and Sumona Chakraborty gets Rs 6 lakh. 7 lakh is paid as a fee. However, there are reports of Sumona leaving Kapil’s show.

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