Bhuj: The glory of India

Bhuj: The glory of India
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Bhuj: The glory of India

Bhuj: The glory of India

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Story: The story of the film is about the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistani troops stormed the Bhuj airbase, after which 300 women from the nearby village of Madhapar risked their lives to repair the Indian Air Force runway overnight so that Indian troops could help them. Vijay Karnik (Ajay Devgan), Squadron Leader, Pouch Bhuj Airbase, urged the locals to repair the runway. The film is a reminder of the cooperation of the country’s citizens and the Indian Armed Forces in times of crisis.

Review: The 1971 Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 was the result of the story of Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan. Since India helped East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to secede from West Pakistan (now Pakistan) after the atrocities, an angry Pakistan invades the western part of India so that it can deal with India and in return East Pakistan can get it. Under this strategy, several Indian air bases were bombed. Bhuj Airbase, one of the most important bases of the Indian Air Force, was badly damaged. On the night of December 8, Pakistan Air Force fighter jets dropped more than 14 Nepalese bombs on the runway of the Indian air base at Bhuj. As a result, the runway collapsed in such a way that it was difficult for aircraft to land and take-off from there. It took a long time for the Border Security Force to reach all the routes connecting Bhuj except the runway, and at that time the Indian Air Force was short of time and manpower to work on the runway. Fighting. During this difficult time, 300 ordinary citizens of Madhapar raised a helping hand for the knights of the country, most of whom were women. To save the country from falling into the hands of the enemy, all of them repaired the runway of the airbase within 72 hours. Director Abhishek Dudhaiya’s film ‘Bhuj: The Pride of India’ is a wonderful story of the bravery of these warriors, which needs to be told. The courage with which Ajay Devgn has presented this story is magnificent. The makers of ‘Bhuj’ have already made it clear in the disclaimer that the story of the film is inspired by real events but is fictional. That is, it suggests that a theatrical approach has also been used to repeat this story of history. The film sometimes seems to be far from the nuances of the story. The story of the film features an emotional psalm with military action. After the runway is repaired, loud hymns are sung, drums are played, which is a covert operation and can call for further attacks. In fact the story was that the women of Bhuj go in green clothes and put dung strips on the body to protect themselves from the eyes of the enemy. Although the play can be ignored, ignoring the logic in such a story is not digestible. The story had to be written with a little more care. The first half seems to be littered with many cameo characters and speeches of incomparable bravery. The attack on Bhuj airbase is shown in Alta-Pulsa. However, the film arrives at its actual location in the second half, on which the story is built. However, the story leaves us behind. From the Vigakot Post and the 120 soldiers involved in the country’s security to landing the plane with the help of a truck, all these scenes are eye-catching in the action game. Fighting between fighter jets in the sky also binds you. Sound and visuals are compatible with the big screen. VFX is easy, while the sound is enough to take you to the battlefield. Many of Ajay Devgn’s shorts are in slow motion and they seem to fit perfectly into his character. Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, Sharad Kelkar, Nora Fatehi and Amy Virk have done well in their respective roles. Navni Parihar also looks good in the small role of Indira Gandhi.

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Why watch: If you can ignore religious propaganda and just focus on the story, then ‘Bhuj’ is fun to watch.

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