bhupendra patel news in hindi: bjp bitter patidar will help vote bank through bhupendra patel

bhupendra patel news in hindi: bjp bitter patidar will help vote bank through bhupendra patel
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bhupendra patel news in hindi: bjp bitter patidar will help vote bank through bhupendra patel

bhupendra patel news in hindi: bjp bitter patidar will help vote bank through bhupendra patel


  • For the first time, Gujarat MLA Bhupendra Patel got the Chief Minister’s post
  • Bhupendra Patel, who became the leader of the Legislative Party, will be sworn in on Monday afternoon
  • Patel won for the first time in 2017 with a record 1.17 lakh votes.
  • Earlier, Bhupendra was a leader at the municipal level, an image of a moderate leader

Gujarat’s new Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is an MLA from the same constituency as former Chief Minister Anandiben Patel. Bhupendra Patel is considered to be very close to Anandiben. He is also said to have a strong grip on the BJP organization. Patel, who is known among his supporters as Dada, was active in local politics before contesting the Assembly elections and was a member of the Memnagar municipality of Ahmedabad district and twice its president.

People who know Patel well describe him as a grassroots leader. He has traveled from a leader at the municipal level to a high position in state politics. I had no idea that Bhupendra Patel could also be made the Chief Minister. He was sitting at the back of the meeting. His name was then announced. Bhupendra Patel said that he will not let the trust in me be broken and will continue the development work.

navbharat timesNew Gujarat Chief Minister: Patidar leader Bhupendra Patel, who is set to become the new Chief Minister of Gujarat, is very special to former Chief Minister Anandiben, who has a long association with the RSS.
BJP made big targets
Bhupendra Patel is a bitter patidar. He is a trustee of Sardardham Vishwa Patidar Kendra, dedicated to the socio-economic development of the Patidar community. By making him the Chief Minister, the BJP has made complete arrangements for the Patidar community of Gujarat to take his side. Patidar was said to be angry with the BJP. At the same time, the Patel community is very dominant in Gujarat and for some time it was believed that the community was moving away from the BJP.

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navbharat timesBhupendra Patel: ‘Dada’ Bhupendra Patel became MLA for the first time in 2017, read the story from the municipality to the post of Chief Minister
BJP elected Chief Minister from Patel community
Before the elections, the BJP elected chief ministers from the Patel community to strengthen its vote bank. Before Vijay Rupani resigned as CM, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lauded the Patidar community at a function, saying that the Patidar community has always given a new identity to the country in the field of business.

navbharat timesGujarat politics: Hardik Patel angry with BJP: Delhi controls Gujarat CM, people will change government next year
What was Bhupendra Patel’s political career like?
In the 2017 Assembly elections, Patel defeated Congress candidate Shashikant Patel by nearly one lakh 17 thousand votes. According to information received, no criminal case has been registered against 59-year-old Bhupendra Patel. Though there is talk of Bhupendra Patel’s political career, there is nothing special in the name of personality to political performance.

Patel is not a millionaire
According to the information received, Bhupendra Patel had given details of his assets in the 2017 Assembly elections. According to him, his total wealth at that time was 69 lakh 55 thousand 707 rupees. His wife’s name is Rajinikanth Patel. According to the 2017 affidavit, Bhupendra Patel and his wife each have a car.

navbharat timesVijay Rupani resigns: ‘Congress is winning in Gujarat, BJP accepts Vijay Rupani’s resignation’, claims Hardik Patel
Hardik Patel claims that the BJP was behind in the Sangh polls
Congress leader Hardik Patel has said that the BJP has only changed the Chief Minister, but the six and a half crore people of Gujarat are in the mood to change the government. He claimed that Rupani lost his seat after seeing the defeat in the internal polls of Sangh and BJP. The state assembly elections have less than 15 months left.

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navbharat timesVijay Rupani resigns: Rupani did not fit in BJP’s ‘Vijay’ scheme in Gujarat, the chair slipped due to these 4 big reasons
Hardik Patel tweeted, ‘The main reason for replacing Chief Minister Rupani !! The secret survey of RSS and BJP in August was shocking. Congress got 43% votes and 96-100 seats, BJP got 38% votes and 80-84 seats, AAP got 3% votes and 0 seats, MIME got 1% votes and 0 seats and all independents got 15% votes and 4 seats. At the same time, Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav told a press conference that the entry of Aam Aadmi Party in Uttarakhand and Gujarat forced the BJP to remove its chief minister.



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