Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall

Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall
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Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall

Biden Predicts F.D.A. Will Give Final Vaccine Approval by the Fall

President Biden said on Wednesday he expected the Food and Drug Administration to give final approval quickly for the coronavirus vaccines, as he urged skeptical Americans to get the shot and stop a new one. pandemic wave.

Speaking to an Ohio City Hall audience, Biden said he does not interfere in the decisions of government scientists, but spoke of a potential upcoming FDA decision to approve vaccines for good. , which are currently licensed for emergency use. Many healthcare professionals have been pushing for the final approval, saying it could help increase vaccine uptake.

“I expect the group of scientists that we’ve assembled, over 20 of them and others in the field, is that at some point, maybe early in the school year, late August, early September, October, they get final approval “for vaccines,” Biden said.

The president also said he expected children under the age of 12, who are currently not eligible to receive the vaccine, to be allowed to receive it urgently “soon, I believe.”

In an hour-long chat with a largely sympathetic crowd and moderator, Don Lemon of CNN, at Mount St. Joseph University, Mr. Biden answered questions about the economy, gun violence, the opioid crisis, immigration, the virtues of bipartisan compromise, the pandemic and online misinformation about vaccines. In typical Biden fashion, he often turned to personal stories and punctuated responses with “I’m serious,” and sometimes didn’t give direct answers in the process.

Mr Biden defended his opposition to removing the Senate filibuster – which requires 60 votes to pass most important laws – to pass a voting rights bill he called crucial for democracy, even when Mr Lemon pushed him to explain why he would stay in place. place a weapon that senators have used for decades to block civil rights legislation.

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“There is no reason to protect him,” said Mr. Biden, “other than, you are going to plunge the whole of Congress into chaos and nothing will be done.”

Mr Biden expressed optimism that Republican and Democratic senators would reach a final deal on a bipartisan infrastructure package next week, which he also pledged would “absolutely” allow the bridge to be replaced. Brent Spence besieged between Kentucky and Ohio.

He acknowledged concerns about rising inflation in the economy, but predicted that the price spikes would be temporary, and he cited analysis from Moody’s economists who said this week that spending plans Mr Biden’s ongoing work – including trillions for child care, education, anti-poverty efforts and more – would curb inflation for years to come.

“We’re going to provide good opportunities and good jobs for people who are actually going to put that money back into all the things we’re talking about,” Biden said. “Lower prices, not raise prices. “

The president did not give a direct response to the owner of a restaurant chain who said he was struggling to hire workers as the economy recovered.

Mr Biden said it was good that workers had the opportunity to seek new and better jobs, and that companies had to compete to hire them. He said he had seen “no evidence” that increasing unemployment benefits, which were included in the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package he signed in March, was deterring workers – but even if they were, he said, the allowances should end soon.

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“I think it’s really a question of people now deciding that they have the option to do other things and there is a shortage of employees, people are looking to make more money and negotiate, ”Biden told the restaurant owner. “So I think your business and tourism are really going to be at an impasse for a little while. “

As Mr Biden drove to the Kentucky airport which serves Cincinnati, senators voted on Wednesday on a motion to advance the bipartisan infrastructure framework, which is yet to be finalized nearly a month after Mr. Biden and centrist lawmakers exposed it to the White House. The vote fell through, leaving New York Democrat and Majority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer to reserve the right to schedule another vote next week in hopes of moving the deal forward.

Administration officials have engaged in negotiations with Republicans and Democrats in recent days to finalize the deal, including how to pay its expenses in full. Lawmakers said on Wednesday they expected to reach a final deal within days.

When asked how long it would take to conclude the bipartite deal, Mr Biden replied: “Until Monday”.

“I come from a tradition in the Senate, you shake hands, that’s all. You keep your word, ”Biden said. He predicted the Republicans would. “I think it’s going to happen.”

But Mr. Biden was less concerned with his Republican counterparts when it comes to issues of gun violence and policing. He told an interviewer that the country needs more police, not less. When asked how he reacted to Republicans who portrayed his party as anti-police, he replied, “They are lying.

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When asked to clarify his administration’s position on immigrants attempting to enter the country at the border, Mr Biden said he was pushing for asylum seekers to do so at embassies in their own country. “They shouldn’t come,” he said.

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