Biden student debt cancellation may worsen inflation; US Marine vet dies fighting alongside Ukrainians

Biden student debt cancellation may worsen inflation; US Marine vet dies fighting alongside Ukrainians
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Biden student debt cancellation may worsen inflation; US Marine vet dies fighting alongside Ukrainians

Biden student debt cancellation may worsen inflation; US Marine vet dies fighting alongside Ukrainians

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Student Loan Trap – The inflation crisis in the United States will only get worse if President Biden cancels most of the student loans. One expert, Maya McGuinness, chair of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), warned students that “debt cancellation may be a very interesting political issue, but it is not a good policy.” Continue reading.

‘Picture over’ – Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is causing “disasters and catastrophes” and will seek to withdraw the “photo finish,” Deputy DA said. Continue reading.

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Guns & Crime – The New York Times recently argued that the increase in legal gun purchases by 2020 contributed to the rise in crime, an explanation experts have denied. Continue reading.

Saudi response – If Iran has a nuclear deal, Saudi Arabia will probably focus on developing its own nuclear capability, experts told Gadget Clock Digital. Continue reading.

US Marines killed – Willy Joseph Kansel, an American citizen and Marine veteran, has died in a battle with Ukrainian forces, the man’s widow told Gadget Clock. Continue reading.


Fighting ‘Confusion’ – Jane Saki has defended COHID-19 and a DHS effort to combat “confusion” in election-related matters. Continue reading.

Brian Kilmed – Fox Host warned that President Biden’s new section on “confusion” has turned Orwell’s fiction into reality. Continue reading.

Laura Ingraham – Fox host Ron Descentis took the lead when it came to improving Florida in the face of a media attack. Continue reading.

Coming to collect – The Justice Department has sued Paul Manafort, who worked on Trump’s 2016 campaign, for just under 3 million. Continue reading.

Kleptocry – K – Yeah– Twitter users were shocked by Biden’s latest gaff during a public statement blaming Russian oligarchs for their corruption. Continue reading.


Because of the Limbau book – Heroes of Liberty will publish a children’s book about talk radio icon Rush Limbagh late next month. Continue reading.

Painted as a ‘fascist’ – MSNBC, other liberal outlets, has repeatedly portrayed opponents as conservatives as ‘fascists’. Continue reading.

Ministry of Truth? – Critics have called on the Biden administrator to create a new “disinformation governance board” to combat misinformation. Continue reading.

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Free speech – Chris Hayes says the Conservatives’ demand for freedom of speech is a ploy to disguise a “joke and authoritarian” power play to control thinking. Continue reading.

Mask Twitter Purchase – New York Times columnist Ezra Klein breaks with fellow Liberals, who are upset about buying Musk’s Twitter: ‘A good thing.’ Continue reading.


Brandon Michan- I am a parent who wants schools to teach kids how to read – not how to be gender-liquid. Continue reading.

Tucker Carlson – The Biden administration announced its own truth ministry on Thursday. This will be called the Disinformation Governance Board. Continue reading.

Greg Gutfeld – The Gadget Clock Host says the White House’s new Disinformation Governance Board will police public opinion. Continue reading.

Dog shoes – Big Tech’s power control measures on news and publishing find widespread support. Continue reading.

Stephen Moore – The U.S. economy contracted in early 2022 and could stagnate later. Continue reading.

In other news

NFL Draft RD. 1 – NFL Draft No. 1 pick, what to know about Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Travan Walker. Continue reading.

Star-Packed Witness – Who are the celebrity witnesses waiting for the opportunity to testify in the Amber Hard-Johnny Depp defamation trial? Continue reading.

College dropout makes it big – Take a look at the eight prominent Americans who left college behind and made it big. Continue reading.

BUFFETT REDUX – Not only is Warren Buffett alive and kicking, but the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway will announce that it has hit the market again … Continue reading.

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The late-night host is leaving – James Corden will leave “Late Late Show” next spring after eight years as host. Continue reading.

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How do you feel around you? Continue reading.

Last word

“But [Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis] For his entire tenure as governor, he has been the target of relentless attacks by the press … Only last year, in modern memory, has he embraced the left more aggressively than any other governor in the United States. “

– Laura Ingraham

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