Biden transition team forced to build its own cybersecurity protections

Biden transition team forced to build its own cybersecurity protections
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Biden transition team forced to build its own cybersecurity protections

Biden transition group pressured to construct its personal cybersecurity protections

President-elect Joe Biden is getting ready to take over from President Donald Trump, however his transition group isn’t getting the extent of cybersecurity help often supplied by outgoing administrations, in line with The Wall Avenue Journal. That might imply Biden’s group is extra weak to cyberattacks than if it had the complete help and assets of the federal authorities.

Usually, a departing administration would assist the transition group with issues like establishing authorities electronic mail accounts and ensuring these accounts are protected, stories The Wall Avenue Journal. However the Trump administration has stopped federal companies from offering that help, leaving the Biden transition group to care for its personal cybersecurity.

The group makes use of a paid Google Workspace community, although all accounts are enrolled in each Google’s Superior Safety Program and Google’s Enhanced Safety Program, the transition group tells GadgetClock. All staffers are required to make use of bodily safety keys to log in to accounts, which might enhance safety. Data is saved on shared drives with restricted entry. And staffers have been briefed on safety greatest practices.

“We’re getting ready to control throughout a worldwide pandemic and an financial recession, all whereas working remotely,” a transition official stated in an announcement to GadgetClock. “From the outset of the transition, we’ve got invested in best-in-class IT programs and processes.”

A White Home spokesperson stated the Trump administration is “following all statutory necessities” however didn’t specify what these necessities have been.

Whereas the presidential election was broadly known as for Joe Biden on November seventh, Trump has nonetheless not conceded. And his administration isn’t simply blocking cybersecurity transition efforts. It’s additionally holding up federal planning for a COVID-19 vaccine, an effort that has taken on elevated urgency after promising outcomes from vaccine candidates developed by Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna.

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