Big Boss OTT Competitor Shocking Step: Learn the details of Big Boss OT Competitor shocking new strategies and gameplan opened

Big Boss OTT Competitor Shocking Step: Learn the details of Big Boss OT Competitor shocking new strategies and gameplan opened
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Big Boss OTT Competitor Shocking Step: Learn the details of Big Boss OT Competitor shocking new strategies and gameplan opened

Big Boss OTT Competitor Shocking Step: Learn the details of Big Boss OT Competitor shocking new strategies and gameplan opened

A week has passed in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. The show, which ran for six weeks, now has only 5 weeks left. Urfi Javed has become the first contestant to be evicted from the house, while new equations are being formed in the house after Karan Johar’s class in ‘Weekend Ka War’.

Divya Agarwal and Shamita Shetty have broken up. The connection between Nishant Bhatt and Moose Jattana is ‘over the top’. Akshara Singh has created a new sweetness of regionalism in the house. So there is some confusion about Pratik Sahajpal. But in the midst of all this, new connections are also being made to the house. Yes, exactly one week later, but there are many contestants in the house who have just started planning the game.

Shamita Shetty-Divya Agarwal

When Shamita Shetty entered the house of ‘Bigg Boss’, she showed a different chemistry and bonding with Divya Agarwal. She was seen defending the lamp in almost every fight and telling her mistake. Divya Agarwal will also agree with Shamita’s point of view. But slowly Divya began to feel that Shamita is ‘bossy’ and she is trying to dominate him. Shamita did not know these things. But in this ‘Sunday Ka War’, when Karan Johar exposed Divya, Shamita got confused and her friendship with Divya became estranged. Divya, who once walked around the house calling Shamita ‘BFF’, actually betrayed Shamita. Now Shamita and Divya’s friendship has broken down and with it their ‘bubbles of misunderstanding’ have also burst.

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The friendship between Shamita Shetty and Divya Agarwal may be broken, but they are very strong and are making their base in the show. Shamita is making her instincts her strength, while Divya is playing the game in her own style. Like other reality shows, she is still watching ‘Bigg Boss’. However, the atmosphere here is different. Because with the exception of Zeeshan Khan and Riddhima Pandit, their connection has gone against Divya. Looking at the lamp clearly understands two things, first it may be more than all alone. Secondly, it is always in the right mode. That is, a person is with you only when he mixes yes with their yes.

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Rakesh Bapat, Karan Nath and Riddhima Pandit
There are two members in the house, who so far appear to be in idle mode. These are Rakesh Bapat and Karan Nath. But after Karan Johar’s class, both have become active. When Karan Johar took Rakesh Bapat’s class in ‘Sunday Ka War’ and showed him the mirror, his eyes opened. Rakesh Bapat even said that he still doesn’t understand the show. But that is not the case now. Rakesh Karan from Karan Johar’s class is seen in a completely changed incarnation.

Rakesh Ridhima Karan

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Although Rakesh is related to Shamita Shetty, he was seen planning the game and working with the people. The same is true of Karan Nath and his relationship with Riddhima Pandit. Rakesh Bapat, Karan Nath and Riddhima Pandit were seen discussing a game plan in a live feed on Monday (August 16). The trio had never been seen before. A new friendship has begun here with a changing equation in such a situation. Along with the friendship, their solid game plan may also appear in the coming weeks.

Prateek Sahajpal – Neha Bhasin
In a recent episode, there was a lot of discussion between Neha Bhasin and Prateek Sahajpal. Neha said a lot to Pratik and Pratik responded in the same way. But on several occasions Neha Bhasin was seen avoiding the symbol. Or you could say she didn’t want to fight him. Even on the day of the premiere, Neha Bhasin had said in front of Karan Johar that she did not consider the symbol to be completely good or completely bad. But somewhere it stays in his mind that he shouldn’t get caught up in the sign.

Neha Bhasin Pratik

But after this ‘Weekend Ka War’, Neha Bhasin has clearly stated that she will now play freely. However, she has also said that she will not play dirty games, but only time will tell how long she will keep her word. By the way, her and Pratik’s friendship in the show seems to be growing now. Prateek is hyper, aggressive, while Neha is calm and serious. In such a situation, this friendship can spoil the game of many other people in the future.

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Milind Gaba – Akshara Singh
Milind Gaba is still quiet in the show. However, in some fights at home, both were seen actively speaking and raising their voices. But now he needs to change his game plan. People have only seen Milind and Akshara Singh raise their voices when the issue is related to them. Otherwise both are far away. Milind doesn’t like much noise. But if he wants to stay in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ and go further, he has to change the style of playing the game.

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Milind Gaba is Neha Bhasin’s connection, but their friendship is with Akshar. The two are often seen talking and joking together. The same thing is bothering Neha Bhasin now and she is keeping her distance from Milind. Milind Gaba and Neha Bhasin were also seen talking about Akshar in Monday’s live feed. Meanwhile, Milind also expressed displeasure over Neha’s behavior. So in ‘Weekend Ka War’, she told Milind that he should play freely now, whatever happens next, she will support him.

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Apart from Akshara, Milind is with Nishant Bhatt. In the midst of all this, Akshara Singh is now getting hyper from Cute. He has also raised the issue of regionalism in the show. She also said that if she had a nervous attack, she would tear everyone apart. Akshara also had a quarrel with Divya Agarwal over regionalism, the issue of which was also raised in ‘Weekend Ka War’. After that Karan Johar also supported Akshara and took Divya class.

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Nishant Bhatt – Masu Jattana
Nishant Bhatt and Moose Jattana’s connection has been ‘over the top’ in the first week. Everyone loves their bonding and chemistry. Karan Johar himself praised Moose and Nishant this weekend. The audience first nominated the two and then saved. Karan Johar is also convinced of the organic chemistry of these two. The rest of the contestants are also getting closer to both of them. In such a scenario, it will be interesting to see who Nishant and Moose support and who don’t according to their game this week. One more thing to note here. There is no doubt that the relationship between the two is very strong. But it is also true that the mold still works at the suggestion of Nishant or Pratik. She discusses with Pratik and Nishant once before taking any action. But if she plays freely on her own, many equations could change in the future.

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Divya Agarwal – Zeeshan Khan
Zeeshan Khan is the only contestant of the show, about whom nothing can be said. Because they don’t understand the game. On the arrival of Seema Tapariya, Zeeshan highly appreciated Urfi Javed. But the next day, he broke up with Urfi. Many called Zeeshan’s move a masterstroke. This is because Zeeshan knew that Divya would be a stronger partner than Urfi.

Divya Zeeshan

In such a situation, when Zeeshan got a chance to change the connection, he betrayed Urfi and made a pair with Divya. As a result, Urfi is now homeless and Divya has taken his place. By the way, Divya plays with her own interests. In such a scenario, it will be interesting to see who among them and Zeeshan Khan take advantage of.

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