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Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame dies aged 38 one month after friends started a GoFundMe

Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame dies aged 38 one month after friends started a GoFundMe

Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame has expired at age 38 – only one month after that her friends started a GoFundMe page to get anorexia therapy.

it’s thought that the celebrity, that rose to fame after appearing on the 2006 group of the hit reality series, has been released from hospital at Devon a afternoon before her departure.

Nikki, by Northwood at London, had fought with rhetoric because she had been a child and had recently checked in to a private practice to take care of her eating disease.

Friends was able to improve significantly more than 69,000 because the GoFundMe page’s launching on March 10, using organisers saying they’d’exhausted every route possible’ 

Tragic: Big Brother Nikki Grahame has died at the age 38 - just one month after her friends started a GoFundMe page for anorexia treatment (pictured in 2019)

Tragic: Big Brother Nikki Grahame has expired at age 38 – only one month after her friends started a GoFundMe page to get anorexia treatment (envisioned in 20-19 )

Nikki’s departure was supported on line by her friend Leon Dee on Saturday.

An overview on the GoFundMe page browse:’It’s with amazing sadness, we’ve to allow you to understand which our beloved friend Nikki passed from early hours of Friday 9th April.

‘It breaks our hearts to learn someone who’s really prized was shot from us in such a young era. 

‘Nikki not merely touched the lives of huge numbers of people, but her friends and relatives that will miss her tremendously.

‘We’d love to ask privacy at this tough time, while Nikki’s friends and household process the depressing news. Full details will soon be published as and once we realize them.

‘All contributions have now been greatly valued and it was heart warming for everybody containing Nikki to observe just how far she had been adored.’

History: The Big Brother icon, 38, appeared on the seventh series of the hit reality show in 2006 (pictured with Davina McCall in 2010 after appearing on the Ultimate Big Brother series)

Background: The Big Brother icon, 38, seemed to the seventh collection of the hit reality series in 2006 (envisioned with Davina McCall at 2010 after emerging on the best Big Brother string )

Leon added which the funds increased in the GoFundMe is likely to be awarded to a charity as a contribution in Nikki’s memory.

He composed:’Funding will be kept firmly in this GoFundMe before we’ve created a organisation encouraging those experiencing anorexia to that we’ll create a contribution in Nikki’s memory. 

‘We shall post updates for you personally with additional information just as we ask them to. We’re dealing together with GoFundMe as of the moment. If you wish to ask a refund, then you could write in to GoFundMe’s team . 

‘Rest In Peace,” Nikki. We love you & not a day can proceed without missing your grin.’

Even though a announcement in the rep said:’It’s with immeasurable sadness which Nikki Grahame passed from early hours of Friday 9th April 2021. Please honor the solitude Nikki’s friends and family in this tragic and difficult moment.’

Nikki appeared to the series of Big Brother UK at 2006, ending in fifth location. She came back into the series at 2010 for its Ultimate Big Brother series.

'Not a day will go by without missing your smile': Nikki's friend Leon Dee paid tribute to his late friend and revealed money raised on GoFundMe will be given to a charity in Nikki's memory

‘Maybe not a day may pass by without losing your grin’: Nikki’s friend Leon Dee paid tribute to his late friend and showed money increased on GoFundMe is likely to be awarded to a charity in Nikki’s memory

Statement: Nikki's friend Leon Dee announced the sad news of her death on GoFundMe

Record: Nikki’s friend Leon Dee announced the sad news of her departure on GoFundMe

Icon: Nikki quickly became one of Big Brother's most beloved former contestants, known for her infamous rants in the diary room (pictured with ex and co-star Pete Bennett in 2006)

Icon: Nikki immediately became one of Big Brother’s most cherished former contestants, famous on the infamous rants at the journal room (pictured together with ex along with costar Pete Bennett at 2006)

After going into your house dressed a play boy rabbit, Nikki immediately became famous on her temper tantrums and Diary Room histrionics, for example the now infamous’who’s she?’ rant. 

Nikki was evicted on afternoon 5 8, however, moved straight back in your house after the rest contestants chose her to come back.

Later Big Brother, she ripped off her own reality series, Princess Nikki, that saw her effort to keep a variety of tasks. 

She appeared a ton of shows involving Celebrity Scissorhands, 8 Out Of 10 Cats as well as The Weakest Link, and also a Channel 4 survey called her the 12th many’discussing’ man of 2006 at the United Kingdom.

Ahead of Big Brother,” Nikki, an aspiring performer, appeared as an extra at the BBC soap opera EastEnders and played a footballer’s wife in Sky One’s Dream Team.

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'Still cuddling': Nikki and her ex Pete Bennett remained close after their time in the house and split, even catching up just a month before the star's death

‘Still cuddling’: Nikki along with also her ex Pete Bennett stayed close after their period at your home and divide, even grabbing up only a month until the celebrity’s departure

Final picture: Nikki's last snap of herself and a pal was shared to Instagram in July 2020, with dozens of fans now filling the comments with tributes

Closing film: Nikki’s last snap of himself a pal was shared with Insta-gram at July 2020, together with heaps of buffs filling the comments using tributes

She appeared as a contestant on ITV dating show Blind Date and listened at the 2004 Miss Hertfordshire pageant.

Nikki additionally won a National Television Award for some popular television competition and released two novels, the autobiographies Dying To Be Thin and Fragile. 

Throughout her period on your property, Nikki formed an improbable romance with the series’s ultimate winner Pete Bennett.

Their love stopped a month after they abandoned your house in 2006, no matter how the duo have stayed close and caught up only a month earlier Nikki’s departure.

Pete shared a candy picture of those adopting to Insta-gram about March 14 and invited visitors to contribute for her GoFundMe page. )

He composed:’Pete and Nikki March 2021 ♡ seeing my nikki and cuddling for the afternoon:-RRB- Recall the fundraiser to get her to a expert wrestling practice is within my life! #savenikkigrahame’ 

Discussing after that the Big Brother Greatest Hostels series aired in 2020,” Nikki revealed on her love with Pete and confessed it was not intended to be.

She said:’I loathed it when I realised that I had been falling into love with Pete Bennett… It was not intended to be. However, I adored him during that moment. Trulyit had been special.’ 

'It's been really, really hard': Nikki's mother recently claimed her daughter's 30-year battle with anorexia nervosa worsened because of the coronavirus pandemic (pictured together)

‘It has been really, very hard’:” Nikki’s mum recently asserted her son’s 30-year fight with anorexia nervosa worsened on account of the coronavirus pandemic (pictured together) 

Tributes: Former BB hosts Davina and Rylan shared heartfelt words about Big Brother icon Nikki following her tragic death

Tributes: Former BB hosts Davina (left) and Rylan shared heartfelt words about Big Brother icon Nikki following her tragic death

Tributes: Sue BB hosts Davina (abandoned ) along with Rylan shared heart felt words regarding Big Brother star Nikki after her horrible passing

Words: Taking to Twitter, Davina, 53, penned: 'I am so desperately sad to hear about Nikki Graham x my thoughts are with her friends and family xx she really was the funniest , most bubbly sweetest girl'

expressions: Accepting into Twitter, Davina, 5-3, written:’I’m therefore desperately miserable to know Nikki Graham x my thoughts are all with her friends and household xx she actually had been the funniest, many bubbly eldest woman’

So sad: Rylan Clark-Neal called his late pal a 'Big Brother icon' and added that he was thinking of Nikki's friends and family in a touching tribute shared to Twitter

therefore gloomy: Rylan Clark-Neal called his late pal a’Big Brother celebrity’ and added he was thinking about Nikki’s friends and family at a touching tribute shared with Twitter

Stunned: Nikki's fellow Big Brother 7 star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace shared her complete shock at the news, sharing a snap of Nikki with the words: 'I can't breath'

Stunned: Nikki’s fellow Big Brother 7 celebrity Aisleyne Horgan Wallace shared her absolute shock at the news headlines, discussing a snap of Nikki with the language:’I can not wreck’ 

Devastated: While fellow housemate Glyn Wise, who came runner-up in their series, shared a photo of himself and Nikki as he declared he was 'beyond upset' at her passing

Devastated: While fellow housemate Glyn Wise, that came runnerup within their own series, shared a photo of themself also Nikki since he announced he had been’beyond angry’ in her death

A Big Brother celebrity: Nikki Grahame’s very best pieces on the hit reality series

Get her a number BOTTLED H20!

Early into her live at the Big Brother house, Nikki was afflicted by a migraine and just bottled water will make it budge. 

She said:’I desire water, I am not drinking that tap material, it’s definitely disgusting, so I haven’t got energy to speak with you I’m dehydrated.’

Regardless of being guaranteed that the water was filtered double from your home, Nikki was not having some of it and then burst in to tears.

She said:’I am not loving it, I am maybe not. I despise it, I *****gram hate it’

Memorable: Nikki was accompanied by housemate Dawn Blake to the diary room when she launched into a meltdown over bottled water

Memorable: Nikki was followed by housemate Dawn Blake into the journal room if she started to a collapse over bottled water

The stolen bed

A tipsy Nikki also guaranteed to control attention after replicating’that is my bed’ a few days when she found yet another contestant in her bed.

Sitting at the infamous golden seat she told B b:’Someones stolen Nikki’s bed, it’s my bed I really don’t want it and that I simply do not want it’ 

Through the rant,” Nikki was dressed up in suspenders after a challenge the house mates were put.   

aircon spores

The celebrity always was cold in the Big Brother house and contending with the others across the temperature setting over the aircon . )

After wrap up and she can, Nikki asked B b:’Just how are we likely to escape bed each afternoon with an f*****gram atmosphere con? 

‘It is a blizzard,” I will grab a cold’

Made the show: The star would often throw her arms around while reclining in the gold diary room chair and making her epic rants

Produced the series The celebrity will throw her arms round while reclining at the golden journal room chair and making her epic rants

The corn flakes

Nikki was abandoned very sporadically after house-mate Richard Newman ended off the corn flakes – and also informed her why there is porridge oats she would have as an alternative.

She clarified:’He has had four bowls of corn flakes yesterday! Four! Plus so they’re not only ordinary bowls, they are f*****gram mountains of corn flakes! 

‘Much like a mountain, also a whole bag of sugar. ) We will go out of sugar’

Who’s SHE? 

Maybe Nikki’s most renowned moment came after house mate Susie Verrico put up her for the celebrity stormed in to the journal room.

Arriving in her buttocks, Nikki fumed around Susie decision despite’perhaps not really knowing her’, telling B b she had been feeling’very poisonous and mad’.

Nikki’s second line educated her reality show history and given plenty of memes in years in the future – since she said:’Who’s she? Who’s ? Who’s ? Where did you find ?

And Nikki stopped the rant together:’I could have that the venom hanging out of me since I breathe. I despise her, I let you know today. I will believe it is rather tough to be agreeable for this. I do not even wish to check at it’  

Iconic: Perhaps Nikki's most memorable moment came when she declared: 'Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Where did you find her?'

Iconic: Maybe Nikki’s most notable moment came after she announced:’Who’s ? Who’s ? Who’s ? Where did you find ?’

it celebrity was always incredibly open about her rhetoric, frequently appearing on television to talk about her adventures in addition to chronicling them into her novels. 

After being admitted into an eating disorder system at age eight, Nikki had been forcefed during a tubing, which brought irreversible injury to her oesophagus in a years of purging. 

Discussing with the Daily Mail at 2008,” Nikki demonstrated she spent the vast majority of her youth in various institutions including the Maudsley, Hillingdon Hospital and kids’ psychiatric unit Collingham Gardens at London.

She was subsequently admitted to Great Ormond Street and medicated for just two tears until being placed in to attention.

Nikki step by step the way she one stay in an abysmal unit she had been ‘pushed in a cubicle’.

She said:’I’d to make use of a bed bowl have bed baths plus it had been simply horrible. I only sat a cubicle for 2-4 hours a afternoon free of stimulation. ) I sat there that way for 3 weeks ‘

She detailed how she had been forcefed by physicians and from a tubing inserted into her gut which she’d tear out.

Reflecting on a low-level in her adolescent years prior to be confessed into Huntercombe Hospital at Maidenhead,” Nikki said:’I had been a walking . I was 15 yrs of age and weighed against 4st 31/2pounds’

She had been there for eight weeks and also placed about 61/2pounds before looking to reverse, reports the newspaper.

Because of her illness, she had a span or produced eggs that will allow her to conceive and at 20-19 disclosed she’d seen fertility practices in London.

In 2011, Nikki suffered a relapse after diminishing her everyday ingestion to just 400 pounds ).

Many celebrities have paid tribute to Nikki since news of her horrible departure was shown on Saturday, using pal and fellow Big Brother alum Rylan Clark-Neal saying he had been considering their’star’ family and close friends.

TopGear sponsor Paddy McGuinness paid tribute to Nikki Grahame yelling:’Bloody hell, just go through the sad news about Nikki Grahame. 

‘Surely one of the celebrities out of the glory years old reality television. I met with her a longtime past and she had been a delightful woman ) RIP dude ‘ 

Coronation Street’s Daniel Brocklebank tweeted:’I am profoundly saddened to know Nikki Grahame has now passed. We hung out a couple times)

‘The previous time on stage together at Manchester Pride. An candy, kind & enjoyable lady. My thoughts & love go out to everyone who knew loved her’

And television celebrity Josie Gibson tweeted:’Nikki Grahame I can not believe I am writing this. We love you muchbetter. My heart hurts now. You comical intelligent quirky amazing soul RIP xx xx’. 

Other prior Big Brother stars additionally paid tribute, together with Mark Byron, that seemed on the series at 2014, yelling:’The terrible news about Nikki Graham. 

‘Really dreadful, she actually is a icon and I am unbelievably blessed to have already been fortunate enough to work well with her on recent years. She lead the means for most us BB house mates.’

Rebeckah Vaughan, that participates from the 2011 show, included:’I was not in Nikki’s string of Big Brother however that our paths crossed after my show. 

‘She came around so brittle. She had been a true government icon and I am so miserable for her friends along with loved ones. Remaining peace Nikki x’

And Channel 4( that aired Big Brother if Nikki seemed as a contestant, said a announcement:’We’re urgently saddened by the horrible news about Nikki Grahame along with also our thoughts and deepest sympathies are using Nikki’s family and friends. For anybody afflicted by eating disorders, help is accessible’ 

Only last month, Nikki’s pals had established a fundraised to use to collect funds to her to obtain specialist treatment, managing to accomplish a amount of 65,539.

the first page read:’She’s been combating for the majority of her entire life so when you could observe, Nikki has become in a very lousy manner we will need to accomplish something fast.

‘On the previous years Nikki’s family and friends have tried desperately to get Nikki all of the help potential throughout the NHS but regrettably that the treatments have failed and we’ve exhausted every avenue possible, now Nik is regrettably in a very poor waythis is our final hope.

‘that is the reason we believe getting her treatment a pro practice could be the only choice left to get her. 

A plethora of actors contributed to the finance for example Vanessa Feltz and Nikki’s friend, television presenter Rylan Clark-Neal, that appealed to his followers to assist.

Rylan, that obtained Celebrity Big Brother 1 1, according to Twitter:”’That really is hard to browse but discussing with consent. If a number of those family may assist whatsoever I am aware that it might be greatly valued. Preventing love x.’ (sic) 

An additional upgrade showed that Nikki has been place to start treatment in mid-March. 

A source told MailOnline during that time: ‘Nikki would really like to thank each and each and every person to their generous and kind contributions. 

‘She’s seen the amazing messages and fantasies occupying in personally and throughout her GoFundMe Page and it has just gratitude. 

‘On hitting the GoFundMe target prior weekend, even people near her started longrun, and also sometimes difficult, though necessarily productive procedure of finding Nikki the greatest possible centre and maintenance that she requires.’

They included:’Because of this amazing contributions received we’re very happy to report this a private centre that’s in a position to admit her was found along with her path to healing will start from Monday (22 March).’ 

And only two weeks past Nikki’s mum asserted her son’s 30-year conflict with anorexia nervosa worsened due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Through a meeting This Morning, Susan Grahame, 66, shown that the Big Brother icon fought together with the isolation phases along with health closures caused by the nationally lockdowns, confessing:’COVID-19 really place the cap onto it’   

Reaching out: While Stacey Solomon said she was 'broken hearted' for Nikki's friends and family as well as those suffering with an eating disorder

Reaching out: Even While Stacey Solomon said she had been’broken up’ to get Nikki’s friends and family in addition to those afflicted by an eating disease

Shock: Former Big Brother star Josie Gibson tweeted: 'I can't believe I'm writing this. We love you so much. My heart hurts today. You funny intelligent quirky beautiful soul RIP xxxx'

Shock: Former Big Brother celebrity Josie Gibson tweeted:’I can not believe I am writing this. We love you muchbetter. My heart hurts now. You comical intelligent quirky amazing soul RIP xx xx’

Thoughts: X Factor's Joe McElderry shared: 'Really sad to hear the passing of @NikkiGrahame grateful to have spent many fun times together. my thoughts are with her family. Rest in Peace lovely girl'

Ideas: xfactor’s Joe McElderry shared:’very sad to know the departure of @NikkiGrahame thankful to have spent lots of fun times together. My thoughts are with her loved ones. Rest in Peace lovely girl’

'Who is she?!' While Big Brother's iconic narrator Marcus Bentley quoted one of Nikki's most famous lines as he penned: ''Who is she’? The best housemate ever! Night, night Princess Nikki!'

‘Who’s she?!’  While Big Brother’s legendary narrator Marcus Bentley lent one of Nikki’s most renowned lines since he awakened:”Who’s she’? The ideal house mate ever! Night, night Princess Nikki! )’

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Comments: Stars including Paddy McGuinness, Perez Hilton and India Willoughby shared heartfelt words over Nikki

Remarks: Stars including Paddy McGuinness,” Perez Hilton and India Willoughby shared heart felt words Nikki

how her kid took a turn to the worse compared to international catastrophe, Susan told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby:’I think a year ago really place the cap onto it using Covid. 

‘It sounds mad but stuff for example gym closure, that will be quite vital that you Nikki because she wants to learn she could perform.     

‘The isolation, so she couldn’t find anybody. I agreed to remain with her she said”that I want to remain in my home”. It is very tough on her behalf, very difficult. 

‘She’d terminal isolation… she had been take spending too long on her , and nothing else to consider besides food’ 

Nikki’s parent continued to detail that the prior version’s difficult youth as she clarified:’We’d a bunch of stuff happening, my daddy got very ill, and she had been stressed for mepersonally.

‘My marriage split up, my husband at that time needed a large amount of trouble on the job it was not a joyful location. 

Hope: Nikki's two friends set up a GoFundMe in March to raise money for her to have specialist treatment as they said it's the 'only option left' and Nikki was in a 'bad way' (pictured in 2017)

Hope: Nikki’s 2 friends put up a GoFundMe from March to raise money on her to own specialist treatment since they said it’s the’only option left’ and Nikki was a’bad manner’ (envisioned in 20 17 )

Plea: Rylan Clark-Neal, who won Celebrity Big Brother 11, said on Twitter at the time: 'This is v hard to read but sharing with permission. If some of the family could help in any way I know it would be greatly appreciated. Sending love x' (sic)

Plea: Rylan Clark-Neal, that obtained Celebrity Big Brother 1 1, according to Twitter during that time:’That really is hard to browse but discussing permission. If a number of those family may assist whatsoever I am aware that it might be greatly valued. Sending romance x’ (sic)

Wow: Her pals, Carly Cunningham and Leon Dee, exceeded their £50,000 goal on their GoFundMe page in March, which was set up to cover the costs of Nikki's therapy

Wow: Her pals, Carly Cunningham and Leon Dee, exceeded their 50,000 goal in the GoFundMe page at March, that has been setup to pay the charges of Nikki’s therapy

‘something sticks in mind, we moved into a restaurant to get Mother’s Day supper, also Nikki she slipped . She did not desire to sit alone eat, then obviously she started to get rid of weight, that is the one period which sticks in my own head’

Susan additionally insisted that the Northwood indigenous was getting straight back on course before the outbreak, sharing:’Everything came into a grinding stop.   


Anorexia is a serious emotional disease at which a person limits their food ingestion, which frequently makes them be badly under weight.

Many also exercise too.

Some sufferers can undergo phases of bingeing, accompanied by purging. 

Sufferers frequently have a twisted view of these and think that they have been larger than they’re.

Untreated, patients may suffer from bone and muscle strength, in addition to depression, reduced libido and ovulation stopping in girls.

In acute cases, patients may undergo heart issues and organ damage.

Behavioural indicators of anorexia comprise people saying that they will have consumed or may perform after, in addition to counting calories, inducing meals, concealing food and eating slowly.

in addition to fat reduction, sufferers can experience insomnia, bloating, constipation, feeling cold, baldness, and swelling of the hands, feet and face.

Treatment centers on treatment and self sustaining classes to encourage nutritious eating and working mechanisms.

Source: Conquer Eating Diseases

‘With Nikki, she’d undergo the entire year knowing she’d friends abroad and might see , and that she spent a large amount of period cancelling her vacations’ 

The press personality’s friends, Carly Cunningham and Leon Dee, exceeded their 50,000 goal in the GoFundMe page earlier in the day that month, that had been setup to pay the expenses of her therapy. 

Admitting she was apprehensive about the design, Susan said:’It had been conducted by me a afternoon or 2 previously by Nikki’s friends. I had been anxious. 

‘to begin with we were distressed, we’ve not had much assistance with all the NHS, we’d one place, she was neglected there five or even five times. 

‘I had been stressed that allure, Nikki could appear in for assault together with saying she had been care searching, individuals might possibly be dreadful and also she does not require that.

‘I talked for her and she stated,”please worry just how overwhelmed I am by people’s kindness, and tell everybody I will use my best to overcome this, and I am likely to receive my life back”.

‘It is so terrifying to get an anorexic since they start to eat normally, it’s gont move out in their own control. She believed that it had been that the one thing which she would keep control over using whatever moving around her. 

‘If she started to find ill, and she’d resemble,”you shouldn’t be angry, look how well I am doing”. It was just like she had been hoping to divert the eye.

‘[When she was in hospital] I cuddled her. I said,”seriously NikkiI promise there was a life .”‘ 

Susan also represented on her son’s youth during it appearance and gave information on different parents. 

She added:’I presume lousy Nikki, she suffered thus bad as back in your afternoon, we’re returning 3-1 decades. At that moment, people found it tough to think an 8 year old might possibly be a prey with the, we failed to possess that sort of treatment, we failed struggle. 

‘The assistance is a extra available than it was. I’d say that in the event you really do begin to see the signs, should they get removed, start to put on tight clothes, should they begin to eliminate weight… Nikki was ditching her lunch regular I’d no idea… 

‘Attempt to seek help whenever possible.  I understand that the moment enough timing is correct, Nikki will thank everyone ‘   

To receive help and assistance with eating disorders call SEED around (01482) 718130 or see www.seedeatingdisorders.org.uk     

Honest: Nikki has been incredibly open about her struggles with anorexia, after first showing signs of the condition as a child (pictured in 2019)

Honest: Nikki continues to be exceptionally open about her struggles with bulimia, after first demonstrating indications of this illness like a kid (envisioned in 20-19 )

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