Bigg Boss teases OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat

Bigg Boss teases OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat
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Bigg Boss teases OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat

Bigg Boss teases OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Rakesh Bapat is getting a lot of jokes as people at home are associating him with Shamita Shetty. In the latest episode, Divya, Riddhima and Nishant dragged Rakesh’s leg in Shamita’s absence.

Divya told everyone that Rakesh’s dream was shattered last night. Nishant immediately asked Rakesh if he heard that Rakesh was trying to sleep somewhere but the gold had fallen somewhere else. Riddhima teases Rakesh by saying that he is trying to get to Shamita’s bed but Moose has broken all his hopes.

If you want to get married, do it at home
Divya said that if someone wants to get married, do it at home, at least you can get good clothes. He also gave some examples from the previous season. Riddhima also agreed with Divya and said that Rakesh and Shamita are a good couple.

Divya threatened Rakesh

The people in the house kept dragging Rakesh’s feet, while Rakesh kept on praising Riddhima with a smile. Divya threatens him that she will tell all this to Shamita. Riddhima then tells Divya not to worry as she is Shamita’s daughter-in-law (half house). During their funny conversation, Nishant jokingly said that if Riddhima likes Rakesh a little, he should marry her. In this way he (Nishant) will feel better that she is his daughter-in-law. Ridhima said that she is not interested in Rakesh.

The contestants laughed at Nishant’s speech
Nishant further joked that if Riddhima becomes his daughter-in-law, he has no problem but if Shamita gets married to Rakesh, he will play daily soap at Rakesh’s house. When the contestants asked him, Rakesh said that whenever Shamita came home, he would mix salt instead of sugar in the tea. All the contestants laugh out loud at this.

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