Blizzard shows off Overwatch 2’s new 5 vs. 5 multiplayer and a trio of maps

Blizzard shows off Overwatch 2’s new 5 vs. 5 multiplayer and a trio of maps
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Blizzard shows off Overwatch 2’s new 5 vs. 5 multiplayer and a trio of maps

Blizzard shows off Overwatch 2’s new 5 vs. 5 multiplayer and a trio of maps

Blizzard’s two-hour Overwatch 2 stream confirmed off the perfect look but on the much-anticipated sequel to the aggressive group shooter. And whereas there’s nonetheless no launch date, the studio did present off a lot of new details about the sport.

Chief amongst these is one of the largest modifications to Overwatch within the sport’s historical past: the sequel shall be shifting the default PvP multiplayer mode from six-on-six matches to five-on-five video games. Throughout the present position queuing system, that interprets to slicing out a tank character on every group, which is able to now consist of two assist, two DPS, and simply a single tank character.

The reason behind the modifications is to each simplify and shake up Overwatch’s fight and meta, which tends to calcify towards tank-centric performs, particularly based mostly on using shielding mechanics from characters like Reinhardt or Orisa. In Overwatch 2, tank characters are getting some huge buffs to make them extra highly effective (and to assist compensate for the dearth of a second tank). Reinhardt, for instance, is getting a second Firestrike assault, whereas Winston’s Tesla coil cannon is getting a ranged alt-fire mode.

The aim is to assist shift Overwatch’s fight away from hiding behind / therapeutic tanks and to present the remaining of the group extra room to unfold out, flank, and give attention to targets (as a substitute of simply making an attempt to maintain the tanks alive). One much less tank additionally implies that gamers should be smarter in regards to the maps, using cowl and artistic flanking angles as a substitute of simply rolling down the primary path in a protect fortress. It’s a huge change to the sport, one which exemplifies the strategy that Blizzard is taking right here in phrases of making an attempt to maintain issues contemporary.

The stream additionally confirmed off different new features within the upcoming sequel, together with a higher have a look at the cleaner UI for Overwatch 2 (which, amongst different modifications, makes it simpler for assist characters to trace teammates they’re therapeutic), new character designs, and different tweaks which might be deliberate for character skills (like Mei, who received’t be capable of totally freeze opponents anymore).

The event group additionally showcased a number of new maps. There was a higher have a look at the upcoming Toronto map, which had been introduced alongside Overwatch 2 again in 2019, but additionally a trio of new maps: New York, that includes a futuristic Grand Central station; Rio, which has a nightclub for the EDM hero Lúcio; and Monte Carlo, set on a winding racetrack.

There’s nonetheless no agency launch date for Overwatch 2, however Blizzard has already confirmed that it received’t be launching till a minimum of 2022.

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